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A Nice Warm Bath In Electrolyte Solution. These St..


A nice warm bath in #electrolyte solution!

These stars are having a spa sesh in the current 21°c, sunny and partly cloudy humidity at 65%, a far cry from Singapore’s climate.

We are excited to be relocating them in a few hours from their temporary holding area to their designated enclosures.

#Spa #Rejuvenate #Shiok #IndianStarTortoiseRepatriation #ACRESrepatriation

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ACRESasia/videos/1685238804913774/




ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) is a pioneering Singapore-based charity and Institution of Public Character, founded by Singaporeans in 2001 with the aim of promoting animal welfare.

ACRES has six focus areas: Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Wildlife Crime Investigation, Zoo Animal Welfare, Humane Education, Community Outreach and Promoting Cruelty-Free Living.

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