Dishonest And Rude Applicants Will Not Be Tolerated


I had LONG wanted to include this….long ago. I remember the time when one lady was SO incredibly and unbelievably rude, I really wanted to include the criteria of “politeness” as a basis for approving applications.

Time and again, I’ve had to deal with rude, demanding and ungrateful applicants. Thank goodness it is not often and most of the time, the applicants are very courteous and a pleasure to communicate with.

But lately, because we had to “graduate” some of the serial claimants, we saw the true colours of quite a few.

It was actually because of the many applicants who could not read or write English or BM that I had to resort of giving out my personal handphone number so that they could communicate with me using whatsapp voicemail. It was also because of them that our important announcements had to be in three languages and I always had to trouble a friend to help with the translation to Chinese (when Google Translate was not reliable previously). All this was done just to help this group of applicants. Despite all the help rendered to them, their true colours reared its ugly head when we had to “graduate” them.

Yesterday, in particular, I had the most unpleasant task of dealing with another soon-to-be “graduate”.

Her application was incomplete, so I did what I always do with all applicants. I informed her (by voicemail in Chinese, because she could not read English or BM) that it was incomplete, told her what was missing and that we were not able to help her. Normally, the applicant would offer to resubmit and we would allow it and all would be well. Some will say to just forgo the application, which was fine too. After all, it isn’t OUR fault that the application is incomplete, is it?

But what did I get yesterday? A barrage of verbal assault of the most unreasonable kind. Rude, demanding and with a very entitled mentality. Has she forgotten that she is the one requesting for our money?

So, that was the last straw. How much more of such behaviour do I have to take?

No more!

As of last night, we implemented a criteria of approving applications, effective immediately. Here it is:

This banner now graces our Neutering Aid policy page.

To the majority of our applicants who are honest, sincere and very polite, we thank you so very much for the opportunity to foster a relationship of trust, goodwill and friendship with all of you.

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AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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