Yesterday Almost Lost My Black Hen 'Foxy' To Heat ..


Yesterday almost lost my black hen ‘Foxy’ to heat stress. Her sisters ‘Cheeky’ and ‘Roxy’ were also struggling. They had enough shade along with fresh ice in their waterballs and I’d even sprayed them with water just before. Please take care of your pets in the heat, make sure to check in on them and ensure they don’t suffer heat stress. It is life threatening in pets and early intervention is key. Don’t take your dogs for a walk in the stinking heat, take them for a swim instead. Keep cool. 😎😎😎 #petheatstress #chickens #isabrown #australop

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Rayya The Vet

I was born overseas and grew up in Lebanon. About 9 years ago, I left my family and friends behind to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian in Australia.

I have now been out in practice for the past 5 years. I absolutely love being involved with all types of animals and consider it my "calling". Whilst my job can be quite an emotional rollercoaster ride, I cannot fathom doing anything else for as long as I am living. I simply feel blessed every day that I am practicing what I truly love.

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