Vincent And Zurik’s Morning


Good morning, everyone!

Today’s menu for Vincent is Coco&Joe’s and Monge. He needs a break from Cubgrub.

Eating the Coco&Joe’s!

I have discovered that when Vincent is offered a certain type of food and he moves away, it doesn’t mean he won’t eat it (later). He still might. It just means that he wants something else to start off. So, if I place the correct starter food on the plate, Vincent will go for it, and later, he will still eat that earlier food!

This has been a really useful discovery for me!

Meanwhile, Zurik and Buddy were already waiting at the porch….

  • Aww..,look at that!

  • Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Zurik obediently took his medicines. No struggle or resistance…at all! What a smart chap! I’m glad there is no burn-spot on Zurik (where I had administered the Advocate). And I do think it’s already working. At least it doesn’t look any worse than yesterday. I hope he heals quickly. Then, I wouldn’t have to give him the anti-histamine anymore. When it comes to medicines, I think less is more!

I was also pleasantly surprised that Zurik ate the Cubgrub! I thought he might reject it, but our boy sure knows what’s good for him!

Zurik weighed 4.7kg at the vet’s yesterday and the vet did mention that I should monitor to see if he drinks a lot of water. He detected one kidney slightly smaller than the other, but he said it needn’t be a concern for now.

I know Ginger and Vincent want to go out, but no, it’s far too early. They both just want to sit under cars, that is all.

The problem is, we have noticed that a few drivers who park their cars opposite our house seem to always be in a hurry. They get into their cars (of course they don’t look under the car), and speed off.

Ginger is already not very street-smart, so allowing him to go out would be quite a risk.

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AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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