Is Cow Making A Comeback?


You might know that Cow, Bunny and Indy were “exiled” from Bunny’s Room shortly just before Chinese New Year last year due to the incessant spraying of urine in the room.

At that time, my backache was “excruciatingly painful” (I hope that’s not a redundant use of words, but it really was SO bad), due to years of bending over and wiping urine sprays from the floor, so husband said, “That’s it….these sprayers got to go out to the pantry.” After all, they have the whole pantry (which is shaded) AND the garden, plus sunshine and green grass. It really isn’t so bad. It would be “their” zone while only the girls will have access to the room (yes, if you don’t spray, you get more, naturally…fair’s fair).

But of course we all know why our sprayers spray – they live in a multi-cat household and they are super alphas.  Of course they must spray, right?  Yes, we understand that, but my back hurt so much until wiping their sprays became almost impossible.  To that, Cow would probably have said, “So, don’t wipe….why must you wipe? In fact, if you don’t wipe, I might not have to keep spraying. Is that so hard to understand? Really?”  

So, anyway, to cut a long and colourful story short, Indy made his way back by scaling the netting, so Indy, like the girls, have access to both zones. But Indy is not stubborn and he is really smart, so he knew that in order to stay, he could not spray anymore AND he stopped spraying.

This means, only Cow and Bunny remained “in exile”. Bunny didn’t quite mind it, and this is also because Bunny is Jia-Wen’s favourite cat, so he gets all these trips out to the rest of the house and the patio. Cow is Ming-Yi’s cat so when she visits, he gets to come out too.

Other than that, when it rains, Cow is frightened, so Cow gets to come in….and he sprays.


Cow has been coming in and…………believe it or not………..not spraying!!

How did he come in? Well, he bit off the cables of the netting and made a bigger hole so that he could come in. Yes, we repaired it and he bit again.

You see, there’s this extra wooden chair beside me, and Indy, Cleo and Cow (last time, even Bunny) want to sit on it. It is like a privileged position of sorts. Well, Bunny sleeps on my lap (and snores!).

Normally, Indy gets the wooden chair, but look who’s on it this morning.

So Indy has to take the “mouse” place.

Cow is SO contented….

Cow, IF you don’t spray, you can come in. We all know Cow is a good person. He’s the most caring and perceptive cat (he always knows when I am sad and will comfort me – you cannot hide that from a cat). He just has an anger-outburst problem and a super alpha personality (which leads to spraying).

Let’s hope Cow doesn’t spray anymore.

Then there’s Bunny too…..

Indy had already learnt….long ago. He’s really very……adaptable.

Bunny looking out of Stargate.

Pole looking for more paper to tear!

Updates on the rest: Vincent is okay, no worries there. Zurik’s mange is healing very well. Buddy is eating up Zurik’s food. Tabs and Heidi are both fine. Ginger still wants subcut, if possible.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/01/23/is-cow-making-a-comeback..




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