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“I’m Joseph from Kenya, living in the outskirts of a small town called Nakuru. My work is charity for abandoned, neglects and injured dogs.

Most families in Kenya keep dog(s) as a night guard, but due to poverty this dogs are unfed or not fed at all so they roam around looking food, most of them are mistreated, sick etc. due to this they run away from their home to unknown future. Once they get their freedom they start roaming around looking for food, in homes where most of them are beaten, killed or injured permanently.

I started taking in these dogs with the little I could afford for rehabilitation and giving them a new home, I have several dog, and I’m housing them in repaired old structures.

I would like to: build good structures for them, Feed them well, and Give them the love and care they deserve.

I do support my charity work by selling beaded dogs collars and ladies handbags that I hand make.

By buying a few beaded dog collars that I make you will support me a lot ,the beauty of this is that since I do the bead working, you can choose colors that you would like, and I can also weave the dog’s name on them. I have attached a few photos of what I have made.

Every collar is custom, different design from each other.


X-small size: US$ 12.80 (size 15’’)

Small size: US$ 15.50 (size 17’’)

Medium size: US$ 19.40 (size 19’’)

Large size: US$ 22.70 (size 22’’)

Shopping bags US$ 52.00

PayPal: joenga2000@yahoo.com

Facebook page:fb.me/africangiftedhands

How to order: email me your order and pay by PayPal very easy.

You can also help by a donation. As of now I want to raise US$ 500 for monthly dog food, medicaments and also raise US$ 3200 to put up new good Kennels

Your kindness, generosity and partnership will help us to care and protect one of world’s families of faithful friend and humble creatures.

Thank you, I look forward into your order or any other help”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..


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