Ginger Attacks Buddy


Ginger has been VERY jealous of Buddy for quite some time now. It could be because Buddy is Zurik’s new buddy? Or maybe Ginger just doesn’t like someone in the porch.

Ginger loves sitting under one of our cars in the porch, but we don’t allow him out anymore because he goes out of the gate into a neighbour’s compound. He also likes sitting under the cars parked outside and we have noticed that the drivers have a tendency to just get it and speed away without looking under the car.

So, Ginger has been more or less “banned” from going outside on his own and this includes the porch.

This morning, Ginger was having dim sum in the kitchen and I went out to feed Buddy and Zurik.

The moment I opened Stargate2, out of nowhere, Ginger came charging out between my feet and before you know it, he rammed into Buddy.

Buddy was shocked, but remained calm. He stood his ground. Ginger was all fluffed up, ready to attack. I thought I’d have to get the water hose, but Ginger decided to just posture and not attack further (thank goodness for that).

Both cats stood their ground, with no one attempting to attack.

No, I’m not an idiot who would take photos when animals are in danger of hurting themselves, so this photo was only taken when the situation showed potential of being diffused. And only because I had my phone in my pocket.

Zurik watched from atop the neighbour’s roof. See his eyes?

Finally, I managed to carry Ginger back into the patio.

Buddy didn’t seem perturbed. He stood his ground…maybe because like Timmy, FOOD comes above all else.

Yes, Buddy is a foodie, alright. Exactly like Timmy. I have to watch Buddy and Zurik when they eat because while Zurik takes his time to slowly chew his food, Buddy gobbles up everything and anything and goes for Zurik’s food.

Believe it or not, Zurik is a gentlecat and would gladly step aside to let Buddy eat his food.

So, I have to watch them and stop Buddy from stealing Zurik’s food. But technically, it isn’t stealing since Zurik willingly gives it up, right?

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/01/27/ginger-attacks-buddy/




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