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Dog and Loud Noises

A research led by Katriina Tiira in ftom Department of Veterinary Biosciences atnd Reseach Programs at University of Helsinki, Finland, published in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour, a questionaire-based study on dog’s Behaviour towards loud noise.

The 18-page questionnaire covered the dog’s typical reactions to a variety of loud sounds, including fireworks, thunder, gunshots, leaf blowers, sirens, vacuum cleaners, and so forth. Datas were gathered from 3,284 dogs of various breeds.

On her findings, she gathered that there are wo groups of dogs; ‘fearful’ and ‘not fearful’ dogs.

‘Fearful Dogs’ – reported as showing fear toward strangers, in new situations or unfamiliar places, or when confronted by unfamiliar dogs 40 percent of the time or more.

‘Not fearful’ Dogs – showed fear responses less frequently.

If the dog is afraid of thunder, then it is also likely that the dog would be afraid of fireworks, gunshots, and other loud noises such as sirens and vacuum cleaners.

The dogs with high noise sensitivity are also twice as likely to show fear reactions toward strangers and new situations (in 40-100 percent of the occasions). Further, a third of these fearful noise-sensitive dogs show separation anxiety.

A particularly troubling aspect of the behavior of these fearful dogs – tendency toward aggressive behavior. The noise-sensitive dogs are significantly more aggressive toward unfamiliar people and other dogs, although not toward their owners, through barking, growling, and approaching a stranger in a defensive manner. It is concluded that the dogs’ overall fearfulness triggered their aggression.

References:- Katriina Tiira, Sini Sulkama & Hannes Lohi (2016). Prevalence, comorbidity, and behavioral variation in canine anxiety. Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 16, 36-44.



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