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“I want to thank you for you are always with us,”. Bosnian rescue Danka Kantar says this morning while on her knees cleaning. “Believe me, every day a new dog comes. I have no more power. I just say thanks to God that Harmony Fund is always here with us to help us. Because honestly, I do not know how to feed them, to treat their bodies and everything else. I am always worried you will leave us. We need you.”

Danka is just one of the many many many rescuers counting on us. She has so many puppies and cats, thrown over her fence by people who put all their problems on her small shoulders. This is Bosnia. Here, people are poor. In so many countries, underdog rescuers and thousands of animals are counting on us for food and shelter. Please, will you join us in making this Valentine’s Day one filled with love, the right kind of love ❤️

Our website www.harmonyfund.org.

Donations https://harmonyfund.org/donate

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..


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