"You Will Not Change The World By Saving One, But ..


“You will not change the world by saving one, but for that one, you will change their world”

Pictured is a stray mother cat who was rescued with her litter of newborn after all the cats in her area have been cruelly poisoned one day. A friend of mine broked down for days upon helplessly witnessing the other cats taking their last breathe. With all her desperate efforts, she contacted me.


Eventually months passed and all her kittens found loving homes (all neutered by now), and through time, patience and love, Patty the mother cat eventually managed to get accustomed to people and handle cuddles. .


The world is a remarkable place. Patty who had once miraculously survived avoiding poison on that very unfortunate day; today, she has the privilege to touch, lift and shed light over the sorrows of the lives of a very young broken family of 3; who had just lost their loving dad/husband months ago.

For more then a decade, I get questioned all the time, “why do you do it?”, “you must earn alot from it (hmm…cuz everything has to be driven by money?)” and “you are young, you should enjoy your life ! Explore the world! Don’t restraint yourself with such commitments! “

My life have been touched through touching the lives of others – by uniting both humans and animals. I can only say- its an unexplainable phenomena and the greatest experience that no amount of money will ever buy.

Patty’s amazing story is just among one of the hundreds encountered throughout my journey.

I may have lost my mind, but I have certainly found my soul.

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Independent Pet Rescuers

IPR is a coalition of independent pet rescuers that are focused on the same mission of rescuing animals and finding homes for them, having been in operation for over 7 years.

They have a weekly adoption drive at Hartamas Shopping Centre at Plaza Damas every Saturday, 1pm - 6pm.

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