Bunny Pooped! And No Proteinurea!


So, we went to the vet’s, Bunny and I.

I handed over the urine and the vet ran the test while she examined Bunny. This is a different vet today (same clinic) so it’s also good to get her opinion.

The vet palpated Bunny’s colon and said there are still stools inside, and Bunny is still constipated. She decided to give him an enema to get the stools out, but only after a 200ml subcut. The enema might cause loss of fluids, and the Lactulose actually draws water into the colon (to enable defecation). So, the subcut was necessary.

Then, came the enema.  The vet was so surprised at how good Bunny was.  No resistance at all. She says many cats would struggle and even bite. Bunny cooperated totally.

Next, the proteinurea results – NO proteinurea!!!  The reading was below 0.2.


So, with no proteinurea, Bunny’s kidney disease (or kidney insufficiency – a better sounding term) is classified as Stage 2.

Stage 1 is completely healthy, so one wonders why it is even a “stage”?

This would be the staging according to the SDMA test.

For this stage, and for Bunny, what is needed is the subcut (or maybe not, depending on whether the constipation was a one-off thing or related to his kidney disease) and of course, diet. As with most conventional vets, the renal diet is recommended.  However, holistic vets do not agree with prescription diets, so that’s an ongoing debate.

I learnt from another vet that collagen “might” help, but it might not also since what happens is the kidney tissues will degenerate and become scar tissue while causing the kidneys to shrink with time.

Kidney disease is a progressive illness. Don’t we already know this…and it affects 1 in 3 cats. The probability is high.

The vet said if I could wait, we would put Bunny in the cubicle and wait for him to poop. Of course that’s preferred. So we waited.

The vet assistants prepared two litter boxes for Bunny – one with newspapers and one with sand. Bunny was scared (I think it’s because he is blind), so I waited with him and talked to him.

The other vet came over and put a curtain for Bunny so that he feels more “privacy”.

After about 10 minutes or so…

…the magic happened!!

Poop, glorious poop!!  A lot of it too!

The glorious smell of cat poo!! I rushed out to tell the vet.

Both vets examined the poop, and palpated Bunny again – ALL CLEAR!!  Hooray!! Even the vet assistants were so happy. They are quite fond of Bunny, or maybe, they are just nice to all animals. There’s a personal touch at this clinic.

So, no more Lactulose, unless necessary. I’m to watch Bunny for the next few days to see if he poops or he has to strain again. We shall go from there.

Meanwhile, the Omeprazole may not be necessary too since there is no more vomiting.

We reached home and Bunny pooped a bit more. All good.

I’m going out to get the subcut kit (it’s been barely two weeks since Vincent passed on, I didn’t think I’ll be doing this so soon….). But “luckily” we caught Bunny’s symptoms early, so we can manage it better.  I’ll probably get some chicken feet as well – there’s no harm trying, it’s still food.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/03/25/bunny-pooped-and-no-prot..




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