Pole And Cleo’s Check-Up – No Kidney Issues!


Today was Pole and Cleo’s turn to go to the vet’s for their check-up.

Cleo was so extremely stressed, she mewed very loudly all the way in the car, at the clinic, and inside the consultation room! Pole was quiet.

Cleo’s obvious issue is the shedding at her flanks. This has been ongoing for 10 years now. No vet has been able to solve it, many say it’s due to stress, which is probably true as Cleo is a highly stressed cat.

The vet checked her fur in those parts and found that it’s bitten off. This means Cleo bites them off.


The vet asks if she is stressed by anything. I guess she is because sometimes she whacks Cow.

But it could also be due to food allergy. Cleo eats raw food, and mostly chicken. In fact, always chicken. Maybe she is allergic to chicken. Then, to do a food allergy test, we would have to eliminate chicken entirely and give her another protein like fish.  This would be quite difficult as fish has to be cooked and Cleo doesn’t like cooked food. She is a raw food eater. We could try, but it’s going to be very hard. She might just end up getting more stressed because she doesn’t want to eat.

The vet said to try giving her her own space, like maybe higher up somewhere. She has the apartments, but she doesn’t go there anymore nowadays, she just sleeps on her bench.

The vet said she must be hiding somewhere to bite her fur because I don’t see it!

However, Cleo has no fur mites.

A blood test was done and this is Cleo’s results:

The creatinine is on the higher end, but it’s still within the normal range and the SDMA is in the safe zone! What a relief…no kidney issues. The globulins is high due to her stress. Re-check in 6 months as the creatinine level has to be monitored.

The vet did a fungal culture on Cleo’s shedding skin patch. We will know the results in 4 days’ time.

The vet had to spray Feliway on the towel on the table for Cleo, to try and calm her. Cleo was highly stressed on the table too. She was dewormed and that was a challenge.

Cleo’s dental health is okay. No scaling is required.

Next was Pole’s turn.

Pole has fur mites, despite her silky smooth fur.  The vet suggested that since they all lived together, all should go on Revolution spot-on for 2 months. I was worried about the toxicity but she said 2 months should be fine.

Pole’s dental health is (surprisingly) okay too. Just a bit of tartar and there’s no urgency for scaling. Pole was dewormed as well.

Pole’s blood test:

Pole has no kidney issues too!! Hooray! The only elevated reading is the ALT, related to the liver, but it’s just a slight elevation from the upper boundary. The vet says it’s not worrying. Re-check in six months.

Yay!! Both girls don’t have kidney issues!!

They were not tested for FIV/FeLV as the vet didn’t think it was necessary.

For Cleo’s skin problem, the vet prescribed fish oil. It so happened that I was about to ask about fish oil for Cow, Bunny, Indy and everyone.

Coatex is a fish oil for dogs and cats. So I bought a box, it will be for everyone. All of them will benefit from fish oil, for sure.

We drove home, and Cleo was STILL mewing loudly in the car. Just how stressed is she?

Home at last!!

Looks like the boys definitely have more health issues than the girls!

Tomorrow will be Tabs, Heidi and Ginger’s turn.


Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/03/28/pole-and-cleos-check-up-..




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