De-Stressing Cleo….how?


We haven’t quite decided how to help Cleo de-stress yet….

When Tabs was living in Bunny’s Place, she was also stressed. We don’t know if she was just copying what Cleo did, but Tabs also had bald spots, similar to Cleo’s. Ever since Tabs moved out to the rest of the house, she’s obviously much happier and there has been no balding anymore.

Maybe we should let Cleo come out too?

The vet did suggest letting Cleo have high spaces where she would feel safer. She does, she has shelves and the apartment (the rack), but she seldom uses the rack these days.

Now, everyone is crazy about the RC renal kibble. I guess it must be really tasty. Indy is a kibble-king and I had no choice but to get a small pack. Otherwise, Indy refuses to eat. Now, even Cleo wants the RC renal kibble.

Initially, the function of the kibble is just as a catalyst to get Indy to eat. He always needs a few kibbles on top of his wetfood before he would start eating.

I’ve checked with the vet at RC and she says the RC renal diets are balanced so it is alright to feed them to cats with no kidney issues too. Cleo’s kidney readings are within the normal range but also nearer to the higher end.

Cleo has refused to eat raw food now (maybe it’s just a phase) and she ate a bit of canned food and wanted RC renal kibble just now when she saw Indy having a feast. I added water to the kibble so that it would not be so dry. Indy didn’t mind the water – he ate everything up.

Indy has refused to eat his ID and instead, Cleo polished that up.

It’ll take some time for us to adjust to the new diets for everyone. Whatever it is, everyone needs more water!

Hydration is of utmost importance for geriatric cats!

Note: The vet says 7 years and above is already “geriatric”!

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/03/28/de-stressing-cleo-how/




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