Breakfast, The Plonkables And The Unplonkables


Back to many varieties, because we have the CKD diet and non-CKD diet. Actually, the only early-CKD cat now is Bunny. Indy and Ginger are borderline SDMA, but Indy has high creatinine. The SDMA may be a better indicator of CKD.  Bunny’s SDMA reading is 18.  Ginger and Indy’s are 15.  The upper boundary for normal is 14.  I’m hoping Ginger and Indy’s will go back to normal, and Bunny’s will go down. Bunny has NO proteinurea, so that’s really good (no protein is leaking out).

It’s all about diet and hydration at this stage.

Ginger and Heidi ate homecooked food this morning.

I’m using these two brands of fish oil. Coatex is a capsule so it’s for the plonkable cats. For the unplonkables, I could cut open the capsule and mix it with their food but I find that by doing so, a lot of it is wasted on the scissors and my fingers. So, I will use the Ark Naturals Royal Coat fish oil for the unplonkables.

So far, the plonkables are Cow, Bunny, Indy, Tabs and Ginger. The unplonkables are Heidi, Pole and Cleo. I think I can probably convert Heidi into a plonkable…..will try. Pole and Cleo are more challenging.

Cleo was willing to lick up NatureMade fish oil, but not Coatex. Maybe it’s her taste preference. I mixed Royal Coat into Pole and Cleo’s food today, and they didn’t object.

Tabs: I’m a plonkable cat. The only plonkable girl. I’m a good girl. 

100% plonkable with zero resistance. As the vet assistant said, “Ini banyak senang”.

A challenge, but I think I can plonk her.

Zurik managed to eat a lot today. I’ve discovered he likes Monge canned food, so Monge it is for now. Canned is always better than kibble, but he also loves Monge kibble. Zurik, by the way, is also plonkable.

So it isn’t about being a street animal or not, to determine if one is plonkable or not. Pole and Cleo are pets, but still super paranoid and defensive.

I was wondering if Bunny had been defecating. It’s hard to check because they all use the sandpit and the garden to do it. And there are five of them.

As though reading my mind, Bunny decided to show me today…

Poo, glorious poo!

A wee bit of straining, though. But at least he could defecate. I think Bunny is still slightly dehydrated. His subcuts are twice weekly. But as Dr Lisa Pierson says, it’s always to have more water in the diet than through the subcut.

Like substance-user (for want of a better description), Indy has been pleading for kibble all morning. He ate his breakfast of wetfood (oh, he did not want homecooked anymore today) topped with kibble, but he wanted more kibble.

Okay, Indy, but it will be wet kibble.

He agreed.


Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/03/30/breakfast-the-plonkables..




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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