IronCat And The Clan


Today is the last day for Cow Mau’s antibiotics after his teeth extraction and scaling. Cow is so tough that I only gave him the Tramadol painkiller for 3 days. It was prescribed for a week, but I could see he was as comfortable as ever and it certainly looked like Cow felt no pain at all, so I didn’t think he needed it. The less chemicals, the better.

Our solid IronCat! For for the last 3 years (or longer) living with that rotten tooth – was he in pain or not, we don’t even know. But I cannot be more grateful for this successful procedure (finally, after 3 years, the rotten tooth is out) and also, for the ingenious “bread pill” (wrapping his antibiotic with bread) idea of pilling him. In fact, maybe because of the non-negative experience of being pilled (bread is practically tasteless), Cow has now joined the ranks of the plonkable cats!! I can pill him quite easily without having to rush to the clinic for a tetanus jab!!

Will this work on Pole and Cleo?

You think?

You think?

Bow before me, slave!!

Indy is still on his “substance-user” high on renal kibble. He was quite upset this morning as I made him a wetfood breakfast. But later, I gave in and gave him some kibble (but in water).

Bunny will need a subcut today as his subcut routine is twice-weekly.

Pole: If Cleo looks like Cleopatra, do I still look like Audrey Hepburn? 

Presenting….Ms Poldrey Hepburn!

Always, Pole, always!

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/03/31/ironcat-and-the-clan/




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