“Kuning Sudah Balik”


The fluffy white cat has been trying to invade our porch and Ginger does not like him…at all.

For the last two days, Mr Zurik fought FluffyWhite off.

FluffyWhite obviously has a home as he looks like a pedigree cat.

We helped Mr Zurik by chasing the white one out. Mind you, FluffyWhite puts up a mean fight too. Thankfully, it was just war cries. Nothing physical.

This afternoon, Ginger sneaked out and went after FluffyWhite. He chased Fluffy all the way down into the alley, which was a distance away.

Finally, Ginger came back, but was scared, so he went to Mr Zurik’s roof sanctuary to cool off.

Our part-time cleaner was here and she is very fond of all the cats. She wanted to help get Ginger back. By the way, she calls Ginger “Kuning”.

After awhile, Ginger came back to Stargate2 and our part-time cleaner happily announced that “Kuning sudah balik!!”

Yes, he’s back and he is anything but “yellow”. When Ginger means business, he means business.

Meanwhile, this is Heidi’s safehouse. We played this game last week: If she gets into her safehouse, I cannot pull her out to apply her eardrops. That’s the rules.

Well, the eardrops finished yesterday.

I didn’t expect Heidi to still like this carrier because that’s the one we brought her in to to vet’s that day. But she has no antagonistic feelings towards the carrier and still uses it as her safehouse, which is nice!

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/04/08/kuning-sudah-balik/




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