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All 17 Dogs Saved from Brutal Dog Pound


Over the weekend, with your help, we got all 17 dogs out of the notoriously cruel Targu Neamt dog pound in Romania and not a moment too soon.

“One dog has a very badly broken leg,” Harmony Fund’s Debbie Evans explains. “The dogs were terrified and would not even come to the fence when rescuers arrived. All the shovels were broken. The men had beaten and tormented the dogs at the fences. Its clear what happened.”

The dogs have been moved to safe foster care centers and veterinary treatment has begun. But the emotional scars will take some time.

“I hope each and every one of you know how profound this rescue is,” Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson said. “If it weren’t for your help, the dogs would never have gotten out of that pound alive, and would have suffered terribly before their death. You have given them the opportunity for magical new lives filled with love. These dogs will be adopted to good homes elsewhere in Europe when they are ready and as we have the funds available for their travel costs.”

Today, we are already busy on another emergency situation in Romania and we do have some unexpected additional costs with this rescue, but we are so incredibly thankful that these dogs are safe.

More photos to come as the dogs settle in and are comfortable.


Click here https://harmonyfund.org/donate/food-shelter-and-protection-for-dog-orphans-in-romania

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