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These homeless cats have never known the softer side of human nature, except for the kindness of our team. Each day, our team braves the extreme heat on an 8-10 hour delivery route to bring meals to more than 500 cats in this one Turkish community alone. Are they any less deserving of a meal just because they live in a far-away land? We think not.

Harmony Fund is a USA-based animal rescue charity specializing in helping small animal rescue squads all over the planet. We love what we do and we do it best with you by our side.

To help us provide food for all the beautiful orange cats, and yes, every other color as well – please make a donation today. Thank you. We truly do need your help to keep this mission alive.

OUR DONATION PAGE: https://harmonyfund.org/donate

OUR PAYPAL: donations@harmonyfund.org

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..


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