All Quiet


It’s been quiet for a few days now.

Heidi still follows me to the park for taiji practices, but she is not as active as before. If she runs a bit, she tends to breathe heavily after that. For the past two days, she wanted to go home earlier, so today, I took her back first.

We thought of not letting her follow to the park anymore, but it is the highlight of the morning for her. She waits at the door with hopeful eyes. You cannot say “no” to those eyes….

Heidi stays close.

The only problem with letting Heidi out is that it’s quite hard to get her to come back unless she wants to come back with us. She will wander off and the more you call or give chase, the further she goes. This happened yesterday. It took me two more trips out to get her back, enticed by a bowl of half-boiled egg yolk.

I hadn’t seen Buddy for quite some time now, but in the past two days, after Zurik’s demise, he appeared. So I told Buddy about Zurik. If you remember, Buddy was the only cat whom Zurik allowed onto our porch and Zurik shared his food with Buddy. The two were good friends for a few months. Zurik would even leave some food behind for Buddy if Buddy was late in coming for meals.

Buddy wears a collar and has a home down the road.

Heidi plays her “launchpad” games on the stairs.

All our cats are geriatric cats now with Heidi probably being the oldest. Heidi came on her own 7 years ago. At that time, the vet said she was already a “very old” cat. Cow, Bunny and Pole are 13 years old. Cleo is 12, Indy is 11. Tabs and Ginger are both 8 years old.

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