Ginger’s Alpha-Ness


Ginger has a jealousy streak. He was very jealous of all the attention that Zurik had and now, he is jealous of Tabs.

Tabs loves to sit at the window in our bedroom every morning and enjoy the scenery, then she will take a long nap there. But Ginger is jealous so he too goes up and sprays on the bed (usually my pillow will be the victim). As a result of this, we often have to close the bedroom door thus Tabs cannot have her favourite spot (unless someone is home to keep an eye on Ginger and stop him from going upstairs).

Ginger has the whole patio to himself, but it’s just not enough for him.

Tabs and Heidi sometimes sit on this deck chair, so Ginger sprays on it too.

Ginger also sprays on our living room cushions. He wants the whole house to himself. Looks like all our males are very alpha.

Tabs has to take a nap in the kitchen today.

Heidi still follows out to the park for taiji and gets her half-boiled egg yolk every day. This has become her routine.

Then, she takes a long morning nap.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/08/20/gingers-alpha-ness/




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