Pole’s Trips Out And The Cow Clan


For quite some time now, Pole has been mewing at Bunny’s grille at certain times of the day, asking for attention.

This got more and more regular, so we decided to let her out to the rest of the house.

So, Pole has been getting trips out to the house every day now.

We think that since the house is Daffodil escape-proof, it should be Pole escape-proof too.

So far, so good. There has been no escapes.

We also do not have to monitor Pole because (1) she doesn’t spray and (2) she doesn’t pick fights with anyone. Ginger, Heidi and Tabs (of course!) accepts her presence.

Cow also doesn’t worry when Pole is out. He only worries when Bunny is out.

In the mornings, she enjoys resting in her condo.

Indy occupies the groundfloor of Pole’s condo. There’s no issue there.


Bunny’s favourite spot.

Cleo’s throne.

The Cow Clan functions in a way where there will always be one cat on guard while the rest sleeps. Now, it’s Cow’s turn.

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