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Banburi laid lifeless by the side of the highway with a ruptured stomach causing her intestines to protrude out onto the road. As horrific as the images are, this is the reality for homeless cats in Thailand. There was no owner watching over her. No one to realise when she didn’t return home. Do you love cats? Please help them by clicking the link >> http://bit.ly/help_banburi_SOIDOG

While walking back to her car, a lady heard Banburi’s faint cries and she went to investigate. There she found the poor cat in immense pain and immediately took action. The kind animal lover grabbed puppy pads out of the boot of her car, and carefully scooped up Banburi and wrapped it around her to prevent further injury. She arrived at Soi Dog just in time to save her life. Without your support, there would have simply been nowhere to take her.

We don’t know what caused this horrific wound, but it was most likely that she was hit by a car. Banburi was immediately given strong pain killers, and the vets got straight to work cleaning the wound, carefully putting her intestines back inside her stomach and then sewing up the opening. She was also suffering from a severe case of cat FLU, and is now recovering in the hospital while being closely monitored. She is a fighter, and refuses to give up. Much like you decided not to give up on street animals like her.

As you read this, other sick and injured street cats are in desperate need of help. Will you please join the Care for Cats Club for them? Your membership will mean more sick and injured cats can be picked up, provided with medical treatment, and given a second chance at life. Just a few dollars a week is all it takes to ensure many more homeless cats can be helped. Please go to http://bit.ly/help_banburi_SOIDOG to join the Care for Cats Club. Because you truly are all they have.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SoiDogPageInEnglish/photos/a.137025..



Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand. Our aim is to set an example for the Asian region on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering, and to better the lives and living conditions of the stray dogs and feral cats of Asia.

De-sexing (Sterilization) has been proven to be the most effective way to help the animals. Soi Dog has has reached a milestone of over 39,000 dogs and cats sterilized! Totaling 39,050 dogs and cats as of June 2012. Soi Dog is made up of people like yourself, be they financial supporters, field or shelter volunteers, fundraisers etc. with a common goal of helping neglected and abused dogs & cats.

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