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What is Heartworm disease?

A disease that will result in severe lung infection, heart failure, other organ damage, and DEATH in pets! (Affects mainly dogs, cats, and ferrets)

What causes Heartworm disease?

Dirofilaria immitis (parasitic worm).

All it takes is one mosquito bite (that is a carrier of Heartworm disease) for your dog to be infected.

Once bitten, your dog can take up to 6/7 months to show symptoms of:

- fatigue

- weight loss

- cough

- exercise intolerance

- or even DEATH

By the time that happens, the parasite has already reached its adult stage and is happily making itself comfortable in your dog’s heart and vital organs! 😱

The scariest part is that your dog can be 100% healthy and still be infected.


The great news is that Heartworm disease can be prevented.

An example of oral Heartworm preventative chewables:

💊 Heartgard Plus

To be administered once a month to prevent heartworm disease and to treat plus control Ascarid and Hookworm infections in dogs

Ideally, there should be a combination of minimizing your dog’s exposure to mosquitoes (staying indoors, especially at night) and using medication (such as Heartgard Plus) to prevent your dog from being infected by heartworm disease.

You can test your dog annually for Heartworm disease by buying Heartworrn test kits (measured by taking your dog’s blood sample). Should the result be negative, it means that your preventative measures are working. Otherwise, you’ll need to get your dog treated by a veterinarian if the results turn out to be positive.

**Heartworm disease is NOT infectious. It can only be spread through the bite of a mosquito.

🐶SCAS is currently having a fundraising project to raise funds for Heartworm Test Kits

As of the 20th of October, we’ve raised a total of RM6,000 out of RM30,000 (target)

RM24,000 are still needed for 400 more doggies to be tested for Heartworm disease

Animal lovers,

You can make your donations to:

Second Chance Animal Society

5628 5210 4418

Recipient reference: SCAS G5

For more information on Heartworm Disease, please visit:


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