With The Advancement Of Technologies, Do You Know ..


With the advancement of technologies, do you know how to properly dispose of your electrical and electronic items? 🤔

This year’s International E-Waste Day aims to raise the awareness of responsible e-waste recycling ♻ whilst encouraging consumers to repair their electronic equipment!

However, we can help reduce that number 💪🏼. Here’s how you can do so:

💡 Repair your equipment/appliance as much as possible! These include your personal devices like computers 🖥, smartphones 📱 and TVs 📺

💡 Take your e-wastes to the right destinations: find out who and where your authorised collectors are. (i.e. a retailer or NGO nearby your house!)

💡 For more info on your own state’s collection points, please refer to Malaysia’s Department of Environment website: http://www.doe.gov.my/hhew/collection-points/

💯 HOT TIP: Find out if the electrical companies offer trade-in services in exchange for a new product at a lower price!

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