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Please Help Them Before Winter


Today we received a distress call from Bosnian rescuer Amela Turalic who needs help to save a mother dog and her 5 puppies who have been living in a dug-out grave in a Sarajevo cemetery. No dog should live this way.

With winter coming, we have to hurry. The puppies have just been rounded up, but this is temporary. Amela is already deeply in debt with the many more rescued dogs and has no place for them to stay. But with funds for veterinary care, we can send the puppies to the United Kingdom and the mother dog will be cared for at a rehabilitation facility where hopefully she can learn to trust people.

This rescue mission is one of DOZENS we’re engaged in this month. We need help supplying winter weatherizing materials, bales of straw bedding, stockpiling food and expanding sheltering capacity to take in many, many cats and dogs who are living on the streets. Our Winter Readiness Fund will help these dogs have a safe, warm place to live and help many others who are just as helpless. This is the role of Harmony Fund and protecting animals during winter is absolutely our most crucial time of year.


1. Donate using the button below

2. Donate on our website (donations reach the animals faster) https://harmonyfund.org/donation/winter-survival-animals

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