Indy Checks Out His Competition


Indy must have heard through the grapevine about Minnie’s daring and unprecedented attempted escape the other day, so he sneaked out from between my legs (without me knowing – yes, he is THAT good) to check out the competition.

But before I go to that, let me tell you how good Indy is at sneaking out from Bunny’s Grille.

He is not even in the room, but he knows the timing of everything, of when I open the grille and how many seconds it takes for me to close the grille.

He has it all figured out down to the microseconds.

I’m not kidding.

Cats have this intelligence that is beyond our inferior human comprehension.

And he has done it so many times too.

When I open the grille, he is not even in the room but when I close the grille, he is already out. He has already slipped past my legs.

He is THAT quick.

But as quick and smart as he is, he did NOT see what Minnie saw – the escape route which even Daffodil failed to see. But in all fairness, it takes a cat with a longer body to perform his feat and Daffodil did not have a long enough body, so she probably could not have done it.

Fair’s fair.

Indy made a beeline to check out the piece of plastic that we had temporarily installed to cover part of Minnie’s escape route. This isn’t foolproof, though, as we still don’t know what Minnie is capable of or what athletic and gymnastic prowess she possesses.

I think Indy has figured it out now.

You did not see it before, did you, Indy?

I did. I just wanted to spare you the heart attack. 

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