Smurfy’s Trips Out To Play


Only Smurfy gets to come out to play because Minnie is still trying to escape and our contractor has not managed to get the materials to Minnie-proof the patio yet.

Usually he doesn’t come out for long because he would quickly go back to the cage and asks to be let in.

But yesterday, he decided to venture a little bit more.

And he discovered this….oh, oh.

Can he jump from the vegetable pots to Stargrille and climb out, with his back at 45 degrees?  I didn’t take the chance, so I quickly put him back into the cage. Who knows what Minnie had taught him, right? Minnie too discovered this loophole. The contractor is supposed to fortify this and fix this very loophole.

“What’s with all these attempts to escape? I’m so comfortable at home…”

This morning, something unprecedented happened. I opened the condo door as usual to clean their bowls, and Smurfy dashed out.

Oh oh….

He made a beeline for Vincent’s Table. This is a no-go because I don’t know if there is any hole at the corner where someone as small as Smurfy could sneak out. The contractor is supposed to fix this as well.

It was 6.00am in the morning and still dark.

Luckily, Smurfy did not escape!! Ginger helped to keep watch.

The moment I managed to catch Smurfy, I quickly put him back into the condo. But Ginger did not know.

Safe and sound…phew.

Every evening, Smurfy gets to come out again. Supervised. I hope the contractor will come soon.

This weekend is also Smurfy’s appointment. It will be his second vaccination (the standard vaccination as well as the FeLV vaccination).

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