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Strays are like orphans abandoned by the world,

Not much people cares if they have enough food to eat, 😓

Not much people cares if they are covered from rain or thunder,😥

Even not much people asks about their health when they were sick and helpless 😖

Just like you & me, they are also part of the earth.

But why they have to suffer in living???

Please join us and speak together for these poor furry kids 🐶🐶

Don’t look down at your strength! your power alone can also change the fate of these helpless fur kids!! 💪💪💪


If you wish to support the fur kids during this critical period, let’s support them via the link



❤ Corgi Things Exquisite Warm Doggie Bag, only RM65 each (Free delivery)

❤ For each bag being sold, we will donate 1KG of dog food to Second Chance Animal Society

❤ It contains: A T-shirt (pink or pink-blue), key chain, canvas bag, dog food

Each warmth doggie bag is accompanied by a meal of dog food🐕,

🔥 #ourgoaltopromote #feedstraysconveniently #loveandcarestrayseasily 🔥

Let everyone do their part to feed as much as possible to these helpless and voiceless fur kids!!

#yoursingleact #yourlove #mostpowerfultomakethemsurvive 💪💪

The event will officially start from now on, we will deliver it to you on August 1, 2020 on time 👍👍👍

Welcome to browse our FB homepage, or PM us directly to know more.

Corgi Things:https://www.facebook.com/cutecorgilover/

Second Chance Animal Society:https://www.facebook.com/scasmalaysia/

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Second Chance

Second Chance is a group of like-minded animal lovers who met through the Internet when they read of Aunty Kiew's plight.

They do their very best to render help whenever time permits and within their limited capacities. They hope to find good homes for as many homeless animals as possible. Currently, there are 100+ animals rescued and fostered by this group.

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