As Covid-19 Continues To Devastate Countries And C..


As Covid-19 continues to devastate countries and communities, WWF-Malaysia commemorates this year’s International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples by standing with them and honouring their resilience as well as contributions to the protection of nature.

The Lun Bawang is a minority ethnic group in Sarawak who lives in the northern highlands in the Heart of Borneo. Their staple food is rice wrapped in leaves called Nuba Laya. Meat and fish are pickled in brine and kept in hollowed bamboo for at least a month, to make Telu. Another way to prepare and preserve meat is by smoking. Traditional Lun Bawang cuisine is unique and cooked using recipes handed down from generation to generation.

For the Lun Bawang, keeping the forests healthy is important as a source of food, non-timber forest products, and clean water for rice cultivation.

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