For Indigenous Peoples, Nature And Culture Are Clo..


For indigenous peoples, nature and culture are closely intertwined. A healthy forest ecosystem allows communities to practise and preserve their customs and traditions, and maintain their values, beliefs and connection with the natural environment.


Miring is a ritual offered to the spirits, performed by indigenous Iban communities. It is led by a lemambang, who starts the ceremony with bebiau, an act to call the gods that include a live “rooster-waving’’ ritual. This is done over sacrificial offerings including betel leaf, areca nut, glutinous rice, white rice, tobacco, boiled eggs, pop rice and rice wine on plates, known as pirings. All the pirings are placed on top of an altar made from bamboo.


Pic 1.Community members from Rumah Peter in Song Division, performing a miring by the river after a villager had a bad dream © Peter Jabat / WWF-Malaysia

Pic 2. A full set of pirings © Claudia Mutek / WWF-Malaysia



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WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia is a national conservation trust that currently runs conversation projects covering a diverse range of environmental protection & nature conservation in Malaysia. Our mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

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