Giving Is Not Just About Making A Donation, It Is ..


Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference, and your action is about to make their easier. Your small actions can make a big change!!! 💪💪💪

Our purpose for this project is helping to rehome the rescued dogs. Adoption and neutering are highly recommended for saving more lives and helps in reduction in the number of stray dogs.

We @checkmeouthooman are inspired by the selfless compassion of people in animal welfare and what we can do is to provide them with resources that support and celebrate their exceptional efforts. 💞💞💞

The furkids need U! Any amount large or small can make a huge difference in the stray life. 🐶🐶🐶🐈🐈🐈So, why wouldn’t you come and help these bunch of stray dogs? Scan these QR Code to donate, 📱📱📱 your kindness is much appreciated from the bottom of our heart.




我们 @checkmeouthooman 被动物收容所内无私奉献的志工们所打动,我们所能做的就是给予他们所需的资源以支持他们所付出的努力。

它们需要你们的帮助, 快来帮助这些流浪狗吧。扫描这些二维码进行捐赠,您的慷慨解囊我们内心深表谢意。

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Second Chance

Second Chance is a group of like-minded animal lovers who met through the Internet when they read of Aunty Kiew's plight.

They do their very best to render help whenever time permits and within their limited capacities. They hope to find good homes for as many homeless animals as possible. Currently, there are 100+ animals rescued and fostered by this group.

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