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Old furkid 😔 (eng version 👇)

园区成立了12年,很多成立初期所救援的猫咪、狗狗,现在都已步入了晚年 … 这一两年有不少毛孩因年纪大而离开了我们 😢


他已经有10多岁了,因为最近察觉到他不太能站,立刻送医检查后,发现是长了骨刺 😢


老黑黑也已经从普通狗区搬进了特殊狗隔离区,让它住的舒服一些,希望针灸能帮到他 😢



现实是很残酷的,考量到以上种种,所以很多人都不敢领养老毛孩,他们被领养的几率几乎逼近0%,最后都是在园区终老、咽下最后一口气的 …


但很无奈我们天天收到的求救太多,过后她们的家也塞满了无数的浪浪,再也腾不出位子做安宁照护了 …


** ** ** ** **

有高几率被领养的毛孩我们都会积极推动领养,但以现实层面来说,园区有很多、很多老毛孩是领养不出的 ….

想帮忙老毛孩的朋友,可选择每月助养方式,一起分担它们的每月开销 (助养费都用在给它们的医疗、补助品、喂比较优质的狗粮罐头等)

加入每月助养计划 👇感恩 🙏



Our shelter has been established for 12 years, there are many cats and dogs rescued at the beginning are now in their old age. In the past two years, many furkids have left us because of their age😢.

“Lao Hei Hei” is one of the old dog undergoing medical treatment.

He already over 10 years old, recently noticed that he is not able to stand, and immediately sent to the veterinarian for medical checkup, and found that he had bone spurs😢.

The veterinarian recommends acupuncture treatment to help relieve the pain. Once a week, we will take him from the shelter to the clinic located at Taman Gaya in the city for acupuncture. The cost is rm95 per treatment.

“Lao Hei Hei” has also moved from the ordinary ​​area into the isolation area in shelter to make him live more comfortable. We hope that acupuncture can help him😢.

Old age animals are just like humans, with constant senile diseases, bone spurs, joint pain, tartar, kidney disease, organ failure, cancer, etc.,

Whoever has raised pets knows that furkids in their later years, the owner needs to have good psychological cultivation, financial ability, and need to spend more time than ever before to accompany them through the final journey.

The reality is very cruel. Considering all the above, many people are afraid to adopt old age furkids. The probability of them being adopted is almost 0%. In the end, they will die in the shelter with their last breath…

We had two volunteers with great experience in taking care of old age furkids. They were to help with tranquillity care. If some of the furkid illness in the shelter has reached the late stage and can’t do any medical treatment, they will help take them home to take care and feed them, live well, let them feel the warmth of home in the last days

But it was very helpless that we received too many calls for help every day. After that, their home was also filled with furkids, and they could no longer spare a place for tranquillity care.

If you have spare time and spare place at home, especially some retired friends, we recommended that you can become a volunteer in tranquillity care. Many people are afraid of death and can’t bear to see sick furkids, but if we don’t want to face it , Who can accompany them through the last part of their journey?

** ** ** ** **

If there is a high probability of adopting old furkids, we will actively promote adoption, but in reality, there are still many old furkids in the shelter, no one adopted.

Friends who wish to help the old furkids can participate in our monthly sponsorship to share their monthly expenses together (the sponsorship expenses are used for their medical care, subsidies, feeding better nutrition canned food, etc.)

Join the monthly sponsorship plan👇 appreciate 🙏


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HOPE Johor

Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter that aims to improve welfare of strays and abandoned pets around Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our four core missions are rescuing, re-homing, sterilization and increasing public awareness of pet ownership and responsibilities. Currently, we are caring for approximately 700 abandoned animals in our shelter located at Lima Kedai.

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