Smoking Blue Jays Have A Second Secret. They Actua..



They Actually Have ZERO Blue Feathers!


While the water vapor coming from the beaks of these North American Blue Jays creates quite an illusion, there’s even greater magic at play here. Did you know that Blue Jays aren’t really blue?

“It’s just a trick of the light,” Birdwatching HQ explains. “Blue Jays (and all blue birds) use a little trick called light scattering. In a very basic nutshell, when visible light strikes the feathers, all of the colors pass through the feather EXCEPT blue. The blue color is reflected, so your eyes will see BLUE.

PHOTO CREDIT: These gorgeous photos were taken by backyard birder Lisa Mathews of Forest Hill, Maryland


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Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..



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