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Adopted ❤️ (eng version 👇🏻)


还记得这只画大浓烟熏妆、名叫 “肉肉” 的小毛女孩吗 😍 肉肉有个幸福的家噜 ~~~ 😍🐶

肉肉去年10月出席了我们最后一场的领养会,可惜她当时扑了个空,但好在最后还是顺利找到好家庭了 ~ (撒花)


(非常感谢狗狗Polar的粑粑麻麻爱心介绍 ❤️)

肉肉的领养家庭有着相当特殊的情况,是孩子们非常喜欢狗,而家长其实只是配合,甚至领养人妈妈相当怕狗,一开始我们也很担忧,不知道一切会顺利吗 …… ?



虽然领养后出现了一些摩擦和问题,但很感恩他们一家不是选择放弃肉肉,而是愿意齐心磨合和解决,肉肉现在也过得很幸福 ❤️

我们一直都说,孩子真的是社会的栋梁,他们可以改变浪浪未来的命运,甚至孩子的爱心还能感化、影响大人,希望园区更多的毛小孩也可以有和肉肉一样的好运气呐 🐶🐱






Everyone can finally cross district and visit our shelter for adoption now. Remember this little furry girl named “Rou rou”? She has a happy home now! 😍🐶

Rou rou attended our last adoption drive in October last year. It was a pity that she was not being adopted at that time, but luckily she managed to find a good family in the end.

Rou rou’s adoptive family was introduced by our previous adopters, they are neighbors who live next door.

(Thank you very much to Polar’s family for keep advocating pet adoption ❤️)

The adoptive family of Rou rou has a very special situation. The children love dogs very much, but the parents are just cooperating. Even the mother in the family is afraid of dogs. At the beginning, we were quite worried. We didn’t know if everything would go well …….?

But after our person in charge got in touch with the children, she found that the children in this family are really very caring and kind. We decided to let them try to take care of Rou rou.

As they wanted to raise a dog, the children even went to the next door to learn to take care of the dog for a month before the adoption, including bathing, walking, and picking up poop. One time they fell while taking the dog for a walk, but they still hold the leash tightly in hands, worried that the dog will run and get lost ❤️

Although there have been some conflicts and problems after adoption, we are very grateful that the family did not choose to give up Rou rou, but they are willing to work together and solve the problem, and Rou rou is now having a happy life ❤️

We have always said that children are our only hope for the future, they can change the homeless animals’ future destiny, and even their love can influence the adults.

Hope that more furkids in the shelter can have the same good luck as Rou rou 💪🏻🐶




Source: https://www.facebook.com/hopejb/photos/a.577445702301639/379..



HOPE Johor

Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter that aims to improve welfare of strays and abandoned pets around Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our four core missions are rescuing, re-homing, sterilization and increasing public awareness of pet ownership and responsibilities. Currently, we are caring for approximately 700 abandoned animals in our shelter located at Lima Kedai.

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