Don't Cull, Neuter Eng Version. 365tnrm. 50 - 80. ..


DON’T Cull, NEUTER (eng version 👇)




365天,每一天我们都在为猫狗结扎、上街诱捕浪浪做TNRM (结扎、原放、管理)



救援工作也永无尽头 😢

每月我们协助捕捉、结扎50 – 80只浪浪



♥ 不怕受伤、不怕肮脏、不怕辛苦的朋友,欢迎加入做TNRM捕捉义工 💪 (私讯我们)

♥ 每月的结扎、医药开销超过马币4万!恳切希望大家一起爱心护持,由衷感激您 (捐款可扣税)

Maybank 5012-0808-5710

Persatuan Perlindungan Dan Peliharaan Haiwan Terbiar Skudai

或 成为HOPE每月助养人,长期支援我们的护生工作 🙏

注册链接 🐶🐱🙏

每月助养RM50 – https://bit.ly/3glJFkB

每月RM100 – https://bit.ly/2Q6d9YZ

每月RM200 – https://bit.ly/2CGn3x8

企业每月爱心助养 🐶🐱🙏

每月RM500 – https://bit.ly/2CGn0RY

每月RM1,000 – https://bit.ly/3iYjFxi

每月RM2,000 – https://bit.ly/2E8Uucv


或 欢迎到我们的Shopee慈善小铺逛逛 ~ 您的每份购买都将帮到浪浪 ❤



Neutering instead of culling!

Hereby, we appeal everyone to look into the problem of stray overpopulation seriously and tackle the root cause. Undeniably, NEUTERING is the only way to slow down the reproduction of stray animal.

365 days, every day we are doing TNRM works (Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage), trapping the strays on the street and send them for sterilization.

Every month we trap and sterilize 50 to 80 stray furkids, among of them we try our best to subsidy independent rescuers with financial difficulty. Only when more people get involved, then there will be greater hope.

If you would like to join us and help in this cause, welcome to pm us to be a volunteer in assisting the trapping works.

Our medical expenses are over RM40k/month! Your support is truly essential for us in funding the medical expenses for the stray furkids. Thanks a million (Donation is tax deductible)

Maybank 5012-0808-5710

Persatuan Perlindungan Dan Peliharaan Haiwan Terbiar Skudai


You can register in the link below to be our Monthly Sponsor to provide long-term support (Monthly Sponsorship is tax-deductible)

Monthly Sponsorship of RM50/mth -


RM100/mth – https://bit.ly/2Q6d9YZ

RM200/mth – https://bit.ly/2CGn3x8

Corporate Monthly Sponsorship 🐶🐱🙏

Monthly Sponsorship of RM500/mth – https://bit.ly/2CGn0RY

RM1,000/mth – https://bit.ly/3iYjFxi

RM2,000/mth – https://bit.ly/2E8Uucv

(if you wish to monthly sponsor through cheque or bank in, may kindly drop us a message tq)


Welcome to shop in our Shopee charity store 👇❤ Every purchase you make in our store give the homeless animals a great hope.




Source: https://www.facebook.com/hopejb/photos/a.577445702301639/380..



HOPE Johor

Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter that aims to improve welfare of strays and abandoned pets around Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our four core missions are rescuing, re-homing, sterilization and increasing public awareness of pet ownership and responsibilities. Currently, we are caring for approximately 700 abandoned animals in our shelter located at Lima Kedai.

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