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Msg fr Nini :

Location: Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

URGENTLY SEEKING DEDICATED FOSTERER(S) to care for 3 kittens. Around 1 week, healthy appetite, suckling well to formula. Were crying since early morning without mama in a bush nearby, exposed to the elements. I am also actively searching for the mama all day without any luck so far. Had to remove them because of a sighting of a python in the area.

I will provide:

✅kitten formula

✅all the basic necessities for them


✅paid advertisement when they are ready to be adopted

✅Subsidized vaccination fee.

✅able to send to your place if it is within Klang Valley

They need to be fed every 3 hourly around the clock. Help stimulating them to poo and pee.

I am not able to care for them as I have another newborn kitten to care for, now crashing and very sick who needs intervention every half hour. I also have 2 more foster kittens in my care. So I am very exhausted and emotionally wrecked. Please help me share this too.

Contact me through whatsapp 0193626264

Ps. They have to be separated because they are suckling on each other which is very dangerous.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/403709439694040/photos/a.5349468665..


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