On Sunday We Went Over To Kota Kemuning Dog Catchi..


On Sunday we went over to Kota Kemuning dog catching. There were about 10 of them. We used the back alley of some shop lots as a trap itself. A week or two earlier we have instructed the feeder to feed the dogs in the middle part of the alley so to get them used to eating inside but somehow our instructions weren’t followed. When most of the dogs wouldn’t come into the alley to eat , the feeder would bring the food out for them. This was what failed the plan. When the dogs don’t come in , just put the food there and leave. They will go in and eat and when they do , they will think that it’s safe to eat inside not knowing that a trap is anticipating them. By bringing the food out for them would make the dogs think that if they just wait awhile , they will get to eat where they want to. It’s like a waiting game.

Somehow on Sunday , we blocked one end of the alley and waited patiently in our vehicle as the feeder tried to lure them into the alley and we managed to get one male dog since we wouldn’t want to waste our trip there. We have instructed the feeder once again in the feeding plan and wish us better luck next time.

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