Dogs Are Lovable Creatures But Being Pack Animals,..


Dogs are lovable creatures but being pack animals, they can also be unpredictable and volatile. Thus putting dogs in a shelter does not mean you just need to feed them, bathe them and take care of their veterinary needs. It means that you have to have people monitoring them 24/7 – with the help of CCTV at all times. Shelters have dog fights regularly and places with only a few workers often risk having seriously injured and even dead dogs as a result of fights. That is probably why some places keep their dogs in separate kennels but to lock up happy-go-lucky and free spirited former street dogs is a sad turn of events. MDDB tries to allow them a free roaming environment and that is why we need workers to constantly monitor them to break-up brewing fights. All in all, we have 12 workers taking care of our two places. Because of that we have managed to avoid serious dog fights and canine gang attacks. Yet, sometimes things happens. This happened yesterday – with two of our ladies Elizabeth and Emma getting into a bitch fight. Emma grabbed one of Elizabeth’s teats between her teeth and gave it a good snap. Elizabeth is currently admitted at Gasing to stitch up the tear. Elizabeth is the rolly polly white and brown canine woman whilst Emma is the brown and frail older lady.

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Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better is a canine welfare programme initiated by non-profit organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII).

MDDB's main activities revolve around rescuing dogs from the local council pounds as well as off the streets. Once they have been rescued, the dogs are vaccinated and neutered before being put up for adoption.

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