We Receive Quite Frequent Calls Asking Us To Take ..


We receive quite frequent calls asking us to take in senior dogs. Excuses given are that the owner is sick and he or she cannot take care of the dog anymore. Today we received a call from someone who wanted to give away her parents’ dog because they were ailing. She said the dog too had health problems. Sometimes children, even if living in separate homes, can put in a little effort to ensure their parents’ pet lives with them. Having pets is the best form of therapy for elderly people. All you have to do is to feed the dog once daily and bathe it once weekly. Senior dogs have little demands. They can walk around the car porch if you can’t take them out for regular walks. Shelters are for destitute and street dogs. When you push your unwanted pet into a shelter, it deprives one place for a destitute street dog. And expecting our donors to pick up your dog’s vet bills is unfair. Furthermore, the dog will miss its people and pine away. That is also why people must only adopt dogs if they are willing to be loyal to their pets till the end. This is my dog Popiko. She was the face of MDDB when we first started. She is now 16 years old and has dementia which makes her behaviour erratic. All our dogs sleep with us in our bedroom but Popiko had to be separated and made to sleep in the living room as she paces up and down at night due to dementia. Sometimes when she is asleep and wakes up suddenly and sees the other dogs beside her, she gets hysterical and makes a lot of noise as she is momentarily unable to recognise them also due to her dementia. So, my husband sits up with her in the living room until she falls asleep and this can sometimes happen only at 2 or 3 am. He waits until she finishes her pacing and then gives her a good massage until she falls asleep. She also constantly forgets the place to poo and pee and when this happens, surprises can occur – including in front of the TV in the living room.We are not complaining but do all these for Popiko because of her loyalty to us and our loyalty to her. Most importantly it is because we love her to the moon and back.

Wani Muthiah

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Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better is a canine welfare programme initiated by non-profit organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII).

MDDB's main activities revolve around rescuing dogs from the local council pounds as well as off the streets. Once they have been rescued, the dogs are vaccinated and neutered before being put up for adoption.

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