Dental Disease In Pets, The Silent Killer – Part 3

Now for my way overdue and final dental sequel. The main topic is feline dentistry and there will also be a brief discussion about dental problems in other pets. There will be some overlap with...
Jun 30, 2013


Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?

We have endured a very chaotic working schedule in the past two weeks. We have seen a huge and interesting case load and been swamped with emergencies and so I haven’t had time to blog. Last week,...
Jun 25, 2013


Dental Disease In Pets, The Silent Killer – Part 2

Now to pick up where I left off in my last post; allow me to highlight the most common symptoms your pets may present with when suffering from a tooth ache and this will include...
May 21, 2013


Dental Disease In Pets, The Silent Killer – Part 1

This is a subject very close to my heart. Ever since I graduated, I always struggled with educating my clients about the importance of dental hygiene in their beloved pets. As soon as I noted some...
Apr 22, 2013


Oh No, I Discovered A Lump On My Pet! [ Part II ]

Last time, I discussed three very common lumps I come across in my canine patients. There are a myriad of lumps and bumps that can affect your pets and I simply can’t cover all of them. I do,...
Apr 1, 2013


Vets Need Holidays :-)

I always feel terrible when I have to tell my clients  I am going away as they unintentionally make me feel guilty about taking holidays. They ask questions like: Exactly when will you get back? How...
Mar 16, 2013


Oh No, I Discovered A Lump On My Pet! [ Part 1 ]

It must be very scary to discover a lump on your pet especially if it a decent size. I ask you not to panic and I hope this post will guide you on what to do next. I will be including lots of...
Mar 5, 2013


IFAW’s Animal Action Award

A few weeks ago, while I was running around at work, one of my vet nurses put a phone call on hold and asked me if it was okay for her to give out my email address to the caller associated with IFAW...
Feb 7, 2013


Is Your Dog’s Scratching Driving You Mad?

Allergy season is officially here. The warmer weather does not only bring with it the outdoor adventures but also the flea burden, risk of mites and/or tick infestation, and the unavoidable exposure...
Jan 9, 2013


Leave The Little Birdies Alone

Summer has arrived and it brings with it the introduction of so many beautiful little birdies. In the last two weeks, our clinic was inundated with so many different species of nestlings, fledglings...
Dec 17, 2012


Are You Sure You Want To Breed From Your Dog?

I was in the middle of surgery when my colleague walked out and said, get ready for an emergency caesarean. Layla,a 12 month old Great Dane, had been scheduled for a pregnancy ultrasound later that...
Dec 10, 2012


Lucy, You Are Worth It!

I admitted Lucy to the hospital. She was very distressed in her cage and so I gave her a dose of Valium (sedative) to help her settle down. As I was driving her home, I had a million thoughts...
Nov 26, 2012


I’m A Vet And I Love It..

I can’t believe that I have not written a post for over two months. Well actually I did two posts during that period but regretfully was asked to retract them. I think that put me off writing...
Nov 11, 2012


The Plight Of A Schnauzer – Episode 2: Defeat

Is your Schnauzer in peak health? Last week I posted ‘Episode 1 – Turmoil‘ of one of the most remarkable cases I have ever had to deal with.   Episode 2: Defeat I kept myself...
Sep 24, 2012


The Plight Of A Schnauzer – Episode 1: Turmoil

Is your Schnauzer in peak health? This is ‘Episode 1′ of one the most remarkable cases I have ever had to deal with. Brace yourselves for a very long read! If you own a Schnauzer, you...
Aug 19, 2012


Do You Trust Your Vet?

I think it is very important for a veterinarian to be able to forge great relationships with their clients. Personally, I feel very privileged to have so many regular clients that value my judgement...
Aug 15, 2012


Atlantis Dolphin Encounter

First up, for all of you who noticed I had vanished off the blog planet without a trace, I apologise for not giving you a heads up. I have been overseas in Dubai for the past 3 weeks indulging in a...
Aug 1, 2012


Curiosity Almost Kills A Cat

I was bustling in and out of my morning consultations when I heard my colleague frantically researching the product containing ‘monoammonium phosphate’. She informed me that there will be a cat...
Jun 3, 2012


Dogs Will Eat Just About Anything…

It has taken me almost two whole weeks but I have finally recovered from my horrifying Sunday on emergency call. Not only did I have to attend to 3 seizuring dogs, 2 pony colics, a dog stitch up and...
May 27, 2012


Sometimes It Is Good To Be A Big Headed Staffy

It was 7.30 p.m. and I was running a little late at work after a pretty full on day. I was feeling quite fatigued and when I realised I was on emergency call, I expressed myself aloud saying: ‘I...
Apr 29, 2012

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