Adopt A Pet & Get Free Royal Canin Starter Pack!
The recent Covid-19 situation has severely impacted nationwide shelters and rescuers, with a drastic drop in donations and adoptions.

To help improve the situation, Royal Canin is kindly collaborating with PetFinder.my to offer free Starter Packs for adopters, encouraging adoptions and generating stronger exposure for the stray animals.

Beginning 1st June 2020, pets adopted from qualified rescuers would be eligible for the following:

Royal Canin Pet Food
  • FREE 1 Bag of Royal Canin Pet Food
    2kg - 4kg bag, recommended by Royal Canin based on pet age and breed

  • Limited to first 50 dog & 50 cat redemptions / month
Starter Kit & Voucher
  • FREE 1 Exclusive Pet Adoption Starter Kit
    Feeding bowl, kibble measuring cup, puppy/kitten guide & digital Responsible Pet Ownership Guidebook at Royal Canin website

  • FREE 1 30% Discount Voucher
    For redemption at Royal Canin's Shopee online store, max discount of RM50

  • Limited to first 150 redemptions / month
Scenario 1: 50th dog or cat adopter / month will receive Royal Canin Pet Food, Starter Kit & Voucher.
Scenario 2: 51st dog or cat adopter / month will only receive Royal Canin Starter Kit & Voucher.
Scenario 3: 151st adopter / month will not be eligible for any items.

You will be informed of your eligibility at the redemption page, based on first-come-first-served basis.
To learn more about Royal Canin's health benefits, please visit https://RoyalCaninMalaysia.my/

How It Works
  1. Adopt a pet from qualified rescuer or shelter (pet profile will indicate Starter Pack availability)
  2. Rescuer marks pet as adopted, registers adopter's name and email in pet profile
  3. PetFinder.my will email adopter redemption instructions
  4. Complete the online redemption form
  5. Royal Canin will deliver the Starter Pack to adopter's address

Terms & Conditions
  • Each PetFinder.my pet adoption profile is limited to One (1) Starter Pack only, even if there are multiple animals within the profile
  • Each qualified pet may only redeem One (1) Starter Pack, even if pet is returned thereafter for subsequent adoption
  • Each adopter / household may redeem up to Three (3) Starter Packs for Three (3) separate pet adoptions during the lifetime of this program. 2nd and 3rd Starter Packs are subject to availability and administrative approval, priority will be given to new adopters first.
  • Redemption must be completed within Thirty (30) days of receiving PetFinder.my's redemption email
  • Rescuer may not redeem it on behalf of adopter
  • Adopter may not change delivery address once redemption details are submitted. Starter Pack will be forfeited if delivery address is changed or invalid.
  • Adopter / rescuer will be permanently blacklisted if found to abuse system or make fraudulent redemptions
  • Starter Pack is subjected to monthly quota on a first-come-first-served basis, please refer to availability details at redemption page
  • Royal Canin discount voucher may only be used within its validity period
  • Starter Pack quota and availability may be subject to change
  • PetFinder.my and Royal Canin reserve the right to modify the starter pack content, terms and program details at any time based on their sole discretion

How Do I Become A Qualified Rescuer?
PetFinder.my continually assesses rescuers and qualify them based on various criteria, including:
  • You would need to be a member of PetFinder.my for at least 3 months
  • You must have at least 5 successfully rehomed pet profiles in our system
  • Pets of suitable age must be spayed / neutered before being adopted
  • Active shelters and rescuers will be given priority
Our system automatically activates qualified rescuers. To check, view your pet profile for adoption and see if it indicates Starter Pack availability. If it is unavailable and you believe that you qualify, please contact us for further information. Please note that the approval of qualified rescuers are at the sole discretion of PetFinder.my.

Questions / Help
If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.

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