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Malaysia Is One Of The 12 Countries In The World E..
28th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the 12 countries in the world endowed with megabiodiversity. However, our home is under threat from unsustainable practices and climate change. We need to find win-win solutions that benefit both people and nature. Learn more by viewing our Climate Change and Biodiversity Video (screenshots below) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0sPkmY68_M&t=13s Please like our Facebook and check back for updates on our conservation and climate change mitigation efforts, thank you.

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Billions Of Plastic Bottles Go Into Landfills And ..
26th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills and are polluting our planet every year. But now, we’re doing something about it. We made our latest tiger jerseys using 100% recycled bottles. Each tiger jersey was made with 50 recycled plastic bottles. That’s how many bottles you’ll be clearing out of nature’s way. Proceeds from your purchase will also be channelled to support vital tiger conservation efforts. It’s a double contribution with just one purchase. Hurry over to pandash...

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Dyk That The Production Of Gaharu Tea Can Help Sav..
26th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#DYK that the production of gaharu tea can help save orang-utans and improve the livelihoods of communities? Traditionally, in the production of most gaharu-based medicines, perfumes and incense, the main component used is the tree's resin. This resin is produced when the tree is damaged and infected by a parasitic fungus (Phaeoacremonium parasitica). In order to harvest this resin, the tree would need to be cut down. Rumah Manggat took a different approach altogether and are now producing gahar...

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10 Orang Komuniti Tempatan Dari Taman Tun Mustapha..
25th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

✨ 10 orang komuniti tempatan dari Taman Tun Mustapha telah dilatih untuk mengumpul dan memantau data perikanan berskala kecil yang penting dan diperlukan di bawah projek Kawasan Pemuliharaan Komuniti Tempatan atau Orang Asal (ICCA) yang disokong oleh Kesatuan Eropah 🐟📊 Penglibatan dalam inisiatif sains masyarakat ini tidak terhad kepada jantina; lelaki dan perempuan memainkan peranan yang penting dalam kelestarian pengurusan sumber di TMP 💪 Tahniah kepada penyelidik komuniti dari Pu...

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Igem Panel Discussion Sketch Summary
22nd Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Thank you to our partners UK in Malaysia - British High Commission Kuala Lumpur and Capital Markets Malaysia for the fantastic screening of Our Planet: Our Business and discussion with Lotus's and Next Generation Oil at Virtual IGEM 2021 last Friday. We would also like to extend our gratitude to WWF-Malaysia Chairman HH Tunku Ali Redhauddin, British High Commissioner to Malaysia HE Charles Hay and HRH The Regent of Pahang, Crown Prince Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah for taking the time to sp...

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Join Us Tonight, 22 October, At 700pm To Learn Mor..
22nd Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Join us tonight, 22 October, at 7:00pm to learn more about watershed management in Sarawak from Belinda Lip, Programme Leader, Sarawak Conservation Programme, WWF-Malaysia. Register for the webinar at: https://bit.ly/mycrocs07

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Dyk That Endangered Species Also Include Trees? Aq..
19th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#DYK that endangered species also include trees? Aquilaria microcarpa, an agarwood or gaharu tree species, is native to Borneo and protected under the Sarawak Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998. As a species highly desired for its high economic value for medicine, perfume and incense, it has been facing the threat of extinction and is currently listed as endangered under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. WWF-Malaysia is working with a few partners to improve communities’ livelihood and...

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Berminat Untuk Mengetahui Lebih Lanjut Tentang Keu..
18th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Berminat untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang keunikan dan kepentingan Setiu Wetlands di Terengganu? Sertai kami dalam program Eksplorasi Setiu Wetlands: Permata Alam Semulajadi. Pelbagai slot menarik disediakan di dalam program ini seperti sembang santai ilmiah, eksplorasi maya, dan kuiz berkaitan Setiu Wetlands. Bersama-sama penceramah terkemuka jemputan, saksikan program ini secara langsung di laman Facebook WWF-Malaysia. Penceramah Jemputan: 🌳 Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah ...

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Part6 Dyk That Ba Kelalan In Northern Sarawak Is O..
15th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#Part6 👉 #DYK that Ba’ Kelalan in northern Sarawak is one of the best places in the state to stargaze and enjoy views of the Milky Way? #Sarawak #BaKelalan #Highland #Stargaze #SustainableRiceFarming #Farmers #Challenge

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Part5 Most Of Us Living In Cities Either Work From..
15th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#Part5 👉 Most of us living in cities either work from home or the office. We work using our laptops and other gadgets like smartphones throughout working hours. 💻 Guess what, this is the sunset view from our SRI farmers’ office (a.k.a farm) in Ba’ Kelalan, Sarawak. It’s pretty right? Imagine yourself enjoying a cuppa with this amazing view after a hard day’s work. ☕ SRI stands for System of Rice Intensification, and it is an environment-friendly and chemical-free farming method...

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Meet The Local Champion Of Sustainable Rice Farming In Ba’ Kelalan
15th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#Part4 👉 Meet Harrison Thadem Sakai, a pioneer and local champion and trainer for SRI in Ba’ Kelalan, Sarawak. 💪 He is weeding his SRI plot. Weed control is an important element in SRI to prevent losses in paddy yield and production costs and to preserve good grain quality. Specifically, weeds: 👉 decrease yields as crops have direct competition for sunlight, nutrients, and water; 👉 increase production costs e.g. higher labour or input costs; 👉 reduce grain quality and price. ...

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Jeffrey Sachs Center
15th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Come and watch the live stream of our Road to Glasgow-Kunming: Combating Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss in Malaysia Conference happening today, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. The international community will converge at two important events at the end of this year, for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) and the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15). In anticipation of this year’s two largest environmental negotiation forums, the European Union Delegation to Malaysia and WWF are hosting the ...

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Wwf-Malaysia Dan Pusat Sains Kreativiti Terengganu..
14th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia dan Pusat Sains & Kreativiti Terengganu mempelawa anda untuk menyertai Program Wetland-Science Discovery @ PSKT, tajaan CIMB Islamic Bank. Program bertemakan keunikan ekosistem Setiu Wetlands ini adalah sub-program kepada Program EYES on Setiu Wetlands yang berlangsung sepanjang Oktober dan November ini. Aktiviti menarik seperti webinar sains, kuiz sains dan pertandingan video sains telah disediakan untuk semua peserta. Rebut peluang keemasan untuk ‘percutian’ ke Setiu, Teren...

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Part3 Brimming With Confidence, The Sri Farmers Co..
14th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#Part3 👉 Brimming with confidence, the SRI farmers continued the new planting season at full force. 🙌 Equipped with SRI machines supported by CIMB Islamic and WWF-Malaysia, the farmers decided to leave their worries of the flood behind and carry on prepping the paddy plots to plant seeds of new hope. 😎 #Sarawak #BaKelalan #Highland #SustainableRiceFarming #Farmers #Challenge

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Part2 A Silver Lining. The Aftermath Of The Floods..
14th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

#Part2 👉 A silver lining. The aftermath of the floods in Ba’ Kelalan did not deter the SRI farmers from continuing with the planting season. In fact, they were determined to start anew. Within two weeks or so, they worked hard on fixing damaged plots and transplanted seven-day-old seedlings into the farmlands. 💪 #Sarawak #BaKelalan #Highland #SustainableRiceFarming #Farmers #Challenge

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Wwf-Malaysia Has Been Working With The Farmers To ..
14th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia has been working with the farmers to plant paddy in a sustainable manner using the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method since 2017. To date, 32 farmers are practising SRI. 🙌 #Part1 👉 A few months ago, one of our project sites in Ba’ Kelalan, Sarawak faced some setbacks as one of the worst floods hit the area. 😢 Torrential rain in July flooded the paddy plots which severely damaged the crops. It happened just as the farmers started preparing for the new planting se...

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The Occurrences Of Extreme Weather Conditions Happ..
11th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

The occurrences of extreme weather conditions happening recently - massive floods, raging wildfires and prolonged drought - are signs of our declining planet that cannot be ignored. These climate change-related natural disasters not only cause hundreds of billions of dollars in losses, but simultaneously impact our abilities to produce sufficient food in the future. The international community will converge at two important events at the end of this year, for the UN Climate Change Conference (...

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As We Recently Celebrated World Animal Day On 4 Oc..
11th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

As we recently celebrated World Animal Day on 4 October, we are happy to share good news about one of our most beloved wild animals – the Bornean orang-utan. While orang-utans are threatened by habitat destruction and fragmented habitats, WWF-Malaysia is happy to share that, thanks to our partners and supporters who collaborate with us, orang-utan numbers in Malaysia are now stable. There are an estimated 13,000 orang-utans in the wild in Sabah and Sarawak collectively. This achievement is ...

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Freshwater Is Essential For All Life On Our Planet..
8th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Freshwater is essential for all life on our planet. Let's learn from Chi Chi, Didi, and friends how we can take care of our rivers so we won't have to face pollution, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss. Check out the 'Jom Pelihara Sungai Kita | Didi & Friends x WWF-Malaysia' video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayj6u5ohJpI WWF-M alaysia sincerely thanks Azura Zainal and Didi & Friends Malaysia for supporting our efforts to build awareness about the importance of nature conservation.

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Nvironmental Speaker Series
8th Oct 2021, by WWF Malaysia

WWF Malaysia, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, recently held the second session in its Environmental Speaker Series, this time focused on how private entities and communities can effectively support the issue of human-wildlife coexistence. The session featured Ms. Nilanga Jayasinghe, Manager for Asian Species at WWF U.S., and Mr. Ram Nathan, Senior Manager for Environment & Conservation Dept, Sabah Softwoods Berhad. Here's a brief recap video of the session in case you mi...

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