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When I'm Not Ready To Have My Photo Taken But The ..
23rd May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

When I'm not ready to have my photo taken but the camera trap takes a photo anyway. 😂 #WorldBiodiversityDay #Memes #Muntjac #Borneo #Sarawak #CameraTrap #SaveWildlife #Wildlife #Biodiversity

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What Is That Species?. Worldbiodiversityday Borneo..
23rd May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

What is that species? 🧐 #WorldBiodiversityDay #Borneo #Sarawak #CameraTrap #SaveWildlife #Wildlife #WildBird #Biodiversity

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Happy International Day For Biological Diversity W..
22nd May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Happy International Day for Biological Diversity! WWF-Malaysia extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took action to support biodiversity conservation in conjunction with Earth Hour, which took place at 8:30pm on 26 March 2022. Download the Earth Hour 2022 Thank You Report at wwf.org.my/earthhour Earth Hour was founded to unite the world in support of people and the planet. Earth Hour is especially meaningful this year as it marks WWF-Malaysia’s 50 Years of nature conservation efforts in...

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Have A Look At This Camera Trap Photo. This Was A ..
22nd May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Have a look at this camera trap photo. This was a cool moment when a male great argus pheasant (Argusianus argus) tried to impress a female bird with his courtship or mating dance. 😉 The male bird fanned out and shook his feathers toward the female bird. Do you think the male bird managed to win the female’s heart? 😁 #WorldBiodiversityDay #Mating #GreatArgusPheasant #Pheasant #Borneo #Sarawak #CameraTrap #SaveWildlife #Wildlife #WildBird

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What An Interesting Photo Captured By The Camera T..
22nd May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

What an interesting photo captured by the camera trap. A spiky animal, the thick-spined porcupine (Hystrix crassispinis), eating a spiky fruit, the durian. 😆 Many people think that porcupines are dangerous because they can shoot their quills like arrows. 🏹 The truth is that they cannot shoot their quills at all. When it feels threatened, it will naturally defend itself. 😠 Thick-spined porcupines protect themselves by erecting their quills and swinging their spiny tails to scare off ...

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The Submission Period For Wwf-Malaysia Earth Hour ..
21st May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

The submission period for WWF-Malaysia Earth Hour Virtual Run for Nature 2022 has been extended to 31 May 2022. Yay! It’s not too late to join our #WWFVirtualRunForNature contest. We can’t wait to see your celebration photos 📷 How to enter: 1) Post a photo of yourself with your jersey/ medal/ e-bib on Instagram. 2) Add your most creative “Happy 50th Anniversary WWF-Malaysia” greeting as caption (50 words or less) 3) Include hashtags #WWFVirtualRunForNature #wwfmy #JomRun #EarthHour ...

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This Is The Post You Isayangmyfood Supporters Have..
20th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

This is the post you #ISayangMyFood supporters have been waiting for – the winning entries! In April, we asked you to send us your favourite food saving tips – there were so many inspiring, funny, and clever responses, that our team had such a difficult time choosing the winners. While all food saving tips are winners in our eyes, we have chosen the following winning entries. Congratulations and thank you all for doing your part to minimise the amount of food waste – know that by doing ...

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Tun Mustapha Park Tmp Is 6 Years Old We Celebrated..
20th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) is 6 years old! We celebrated this amazing occasion in an event hosted by the lead agency - Sabah Parks. But the work doesn't stop here, WWF-Malaysia’s collaboration with Sabah Parks expands continuously as we launched a new coral restoration programme in TMP funded by the European Union to further safeguard and restore its wonderful marine environment. Special shoutout to GOPA Consulting Group, IUCN, and WWF Coral Triangle Programme for their vital support as TMP gro...

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Its Almost Here. Join Us On 11, 18 And 25 June 202..
20th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

It’s almost here! Join us on 11, 18 and 25 June 2022 for our Flora Saturday Series. The first session will feature Datuk Dr Saw Leng Guan, the former curator of the Penang Botanic Gardens, who has 40 years of experience working on plant taxonomy, ecology and the conservation of Malaysian flora. He will be sharing valuable insights on the status of Malaysian plants and the Malaysian Plant Conservation Strategy. On 18 June, Mr Surin Suksuwan will be covering a very interesting topic on plan...

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Meeooww, This Animal Only Lives On The Island Of B..
20th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Meeooww, this animal only lives on the island of Borneo. Let’s guess, what animal is this? 🐱 Please share your answer in the comments section, thank you. 👇 #EndangeredSpeciesDay #StopExtinction #SaveWildlife #WildCats #Borneo #Sarawak #Endangered #Wildlife

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Look At The Animal In This Camera Trap Photo. Dont..
20th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Look at the animal in this camera trap photo. Don’t you think it is unique? 🤔 You can’t find any other mammals with scales from head to tail like the pangolins. Pangolins have no teeth but they have long, sticky tongues for catching ants and termites. That tongue can reach a foot long. That’s the length of two MYR 10 notes. Isn’t that fascinating? 😲 Sadly, this tough-looking mammal is heavily and illegally hunted in the wild. 😥 Do you know? Sunda pangolins (Manis javanica) a...

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Today Is Endangered Species Day. Lets Celebrate Th..
20th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Today is Endangered Species Day. 🤗 Let’s celebrate this event by learning more about threatened and endangered species as well as protecting them and their habitats. 🙌 What actions can you take to protect our wildlife and their habitats? 🤔 Please share your thoughts in the comments section, thank you. It’s important to remember that once a species is gone, it's gone forever from this world. Learn to respect them. 💪🏻 Let them live without fear in the wild, because like us, th...

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The Survival Of Our Turtles Is Threatened By The C..
17th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

The survival of our turtles is threatened by the consumption of marine turtle meat and eggs, illegal trade of turtles and turtle products, as well as destruction of nesting beaches and foraging grounds through incompatible coastal development. It is also threatened by high levels of incidental capture in modern industrial fishing gears. You can contribute to important turtle conservation work by volunteering your time, spreading awareness, or donating to support our field teams. Please help s...

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Everyone Who Enjoys Birds And Birding Must Always ..
17th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

“Everyone who enjoys birds and birding must always respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others. In any conflict of interest between birds and birders, the welfare of the birds and their environment comes first.” – American Birding Association. 🙌 Bird watching is one of the popular activities in Malaysia. Nothing is better than wandering in nature and observing these beautiful creatures - the birds. But how can one becomes a responsible bird watcher? Here are some tips f...

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Migratory Birds Connect Billions Of People Around ..
17th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

“Migratory birds connect billions of people around the world. Small actions, when taken by so many people, can add up to significant change.” – Susan Bonfield, Executive Director of Environment for the Americas. What can you do to protect migratory birds? 🤔 #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #MigratoryBird #TogetherPossible #StopExtinction

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Do You Know How Ruddy Turnstone Got Its Name? It H..
16th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Do you know how Ruddy turnstone got its name? 🤔 It has an interesting habit when foraging. It flips or turns over stones, leaves, and shells to look for food. This is how it got this unique name. 😎 Source © @waderminute #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #MigratoryBird #Malaysia #Sarawak #Borneo #RuddyTurnstone

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The Largest Migratory Shorebird In The World - The..
16th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

The largest migratory shorebird in the world - the Far Eastern curlew is now categorized as Endangered under the IUCN Red List. 😢 Do you know? They have unique looking beaks with sensitive tips that are able to help them find food in the mud. Have a guess! Do females or males have longer bills? 🤔 Go out to Bako-Buntal bay and spot this bird. You won’t miss it. 😉 #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #MigratoryBird #Malaysia #Sarawak #TogetherPossible #StopExtinction

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Do You Know? A Critically Endangered Migratory Bir..
15th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Do you know? A critically endangered migratory bird, the Spoon-billed sandpiper (Calidris pygmaea) was recorded in Bako-Buntal Bay, Sarawak in February 2022. 😮 This bird is one of Asia’s rarest and most endangered migratory birds. Its global population is estimated at around 490 mature individuals. It is important to conserve and protect Bako-Buntal Bay so it remains a good and safe “stopover” for migratory birds during their “winter journey”. 💪 Sources © @waderminute #Worl...

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For A Road Trip, We As Humans Need A Drive-Thru Or..
15th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

For a 🚗 road trip, we as humans need a drive-thru or a stop at the gas station before we proceed to drive a long journey. Do you know? Shorebirds migrating from one place to another also need to stop to “recharge”. 🔋 As the name implies, they roost and rest on shores, usually on or near mudflats before continuing on their journey. Mudflats are rich in food resources. “Fast food” is available everywhere for these shorebirds to feast on! 😋 #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #MigratoryBird ...

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Migratory Shorebirds Travel At The Same Speed As W..
14th May 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Migratory shorebirds travel at the same speed as we usually do while driving, ranging from 25 to 90 km per hour depending on the species, prevailing winds and air temperature. Like humans, driving speed also depends on the drivers, weather and traffic conditions. 😂 Migrating birds will fly at certain altitude and take advantage of the tail wind conditions to minimize energy use. Source © American Bird Conservancy #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #MigratoryBird #Speed #Travelling

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