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How Scared And Alone Little Rashmi Must Have Felt ..
16th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

How scared and alone little Rashmi must have felt when he got stuck in a glue trap at just seven weeks old! 😰 It's likely this sweet boy was a stray kitten who had been separated from his family and was left to fend for himself. Thankfully, his cries were heard and he was rushed in for treatment. Rashmi is now recovering in our hospital, surrounded by people who truly care for him. Life on the streets is especially hard for young puppies and kittens like Rashmi. Your support helps to p...

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Happy Songkran, From Reungjai And Pattaya. Weve Be..
14th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Happy Songkran, from Reungjai and Pattaya!☀️💦 We’ve been soaking up the fun of our favourite holiday here at the Gill Dalley Sanctuary! 🥳🐾 As sponsor dogs, we’d like to honour the tradition of Songkran by sprinkling our amazing sponsors with gratitude for the food, shelter, veterinary care and love they ensure we receive every day. So, are you ready sponsors...? 🌊 SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE 🌊 Did we get you?! Thank you for ALL you do for us! Happy New Year or Sawa...

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Soi Dog Songkran 2024
13th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

🌟 Splish, splash, it's Songkran time! 🌟 Every year from April 13th-15th, Thailand comes alive with Songkran festivities, marking the Thai New Year with water-filled celebrations. 💦 🇹🇭 This three-day festival is deeply rooted in spiritual beliefs, with water symbolising purification and the washing away of bad luck. Elders bless their families and communities by sprinkling water as a form of blessing for the new year ahead. 💙 In recent years, Songkran has evolved into a massi...

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Soi Dogs Cnvr Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return Pro..
12th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

🌟 Soi Dog’s CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return) programme continues to make waves in the fight against stray animal overpopulation and the impact is undeniable! 💫 In March, we neutered and vaccinated a whopping 22,170 precious animals. That's 22,170 lives forever changed, all because of YOU! Since the start of this year, together we've transformed the lives of 69,685 dogs and cats. But the magic doesn't stop there. Since 2003, a remarkable 1,158,080 animals have passed through Soi ...

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If A Picture Says A Thousand Words, Then This Vide..
12th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

If a picture says a thousand words, then this video says it all 🎥🧡 Vivian is a true fighter. She did not deserve this traumatic start to her young life, but thanks to you - things have turned around for her. It is only because of you that we were able to save Vivian and can now support her on her journey to becoming a confident, healthy, and happy dog. Every dog deserves this chance - you have transformed her life. ❤️‍🩹🐾 Help us to give others like Vivian their second chan...

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Upsetting Images. How Could Anyone Throw Hot Oil O..
9th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠Upsetting images ⚠ How could anyone throw hot oil on a defenceless animal? 😢 The burns this sweet girl suffered horrific wounds that will leave permanent scars on her body. Veneta does not understand why this happened to her, but she will never forget how. For nine weeks, Veneta has been under the care of our dedicated medical team. When her physical wounds heal, she will become a resident of the sanctuary where she will only ever experience compassion and security.🫂 If Venet...

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Portman Was Only Eight Weeks Old When His Life Too..
8th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Portman was only eight weeks old when his life took a tragic turn. And he was 26 weeks old when his life took a wonderful turn - he has found his forever family 💞. Animal lovers like you made this possible for little Portman. When a speeding vehicle crushed Portman’s poor little body and left him with life-threatening injuries, it was your support that helped to provide him with emergency care. When Portman’s eye had to be removed, your support ensured that he received the surger...

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Oh Well, Hello. It Is I, Alanzo - The Comfy King T..
7th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Oh well, hello. It is I, Alanzo - the comfy king 👑 The snuggly boo bear 🐼 The restful gentleman 💤🤵🏾 I was just lazing around, pensive as always when it struck me – I, Alanzo the first, inky moggie of Dr. Su’s office, have a particular talent for writing riddles and I should share my gift with the world. So, here goes my debut quandary: 🧩 Whenever tom is bored, it’s off to the cord. Toe beans dance, sharpen the lance-s. Guarding the fittings, while enchanting the mitte...

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Trade In Your Wheels And Help Cats Like Tibbs, The..
6th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Trade in your wheels and help cats like Tibbs, the master of steering wheel control. 😻 ⁠ Soi Dog has joined forces with CARS - Charitable Adult Rides and Services in the USA and Giveacar in the UK to help turn your unused vehicles into cash for charity. They handle everything – collection, valuation and the donation itself – so the process is not only rewarding but hassle free too. ⁠ ⁠ And it’s not just cars they accept either. All vehicles are considered, in any condition, incl...

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Upsetting Images. When Frisco Was Found, She Had B..
6th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠Upsetting images ⚠ When Frisco was found, she had become impaled on a wire fence 😥 Thanks to the swift action of her rescuer, Frisco was rushed to a local clinic where she was given emergency care. Her rescuer and their neighbours then paid for as much of the treatment as they could, but unfortunately the wound was not healing and began to require extensive medical care. The decision was made to bring Frisco to Soi Dog, in hope of saving her life. Frisco fought for months, undergoing...

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Are You Departing From Bangkok Or Phuket Bound For..
5th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Are you departing from Bangkok or Phuket ✈️ bound for Barcelona or Madrid? Can Magnat hitch a ride? We are looking for a flight volunteer to accompany rescue dog Magnat to his forever home. 🇹🇭 ➡️ 🇪🇸 After four tough years on the streets of Thailand, and over a year at the Soi Dog shelter, Magnat finally has the chance to start a new life with a loving family in Spain, but he needs help to get there. Being a flight volunteer couldn’t be easier. Our experienced logist...

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Upsetting Images. For Over Five Years, Soulweaver ..
5th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠Upsetting images⚠ For over five years, Soulweaver roamed the streets, scavenging for her next meal and a safe place to sleep. One day, her life took a tragic turn when someone put a rubber band around her neck to end her life by choking her to death. It was a senseless act of cruelty that left her with severe physical and emotional trauma 💔. Soulweaver is now in our hospital along with over 150 other brave survivors, recovering from her devastating ordeal 💪. It will take time, pa...

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Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release Cnvr This Is How..
4th Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release (CNVR) – this is how we save lives 💪🏼🧡 On this World Stray Animal Day, let's talk about how, together, we can create a safer world for all stray animals. Street animals face dangerous circumstances every day: road traffic accidents, fights with other animals, illness, infections and disease, starvation, neglect, cruelty, and death. Neutering and vaccination are crucial when it comes to ending this cycle of suffering. A straightforward surgery pre...

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Soi Dog Is On The Lookout For A Director Of Intern..
3rd Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

📢Soi Dog is on the lookout for a Director of International Fundraising & Marketing to join our team in Phuket, Thailand! 🏝 👉We're seeking a dynamic individual with a proven track record in fundraising and marketing, adept at meeting targets and managing budgets. In this position, you'll spearhead our strategic initiatives, working alongside a dedicated team at the Gill Dalley Sanctuary. 🐾Ready to help create a better world for animals? Apply now to join the Soi Dog family! For t...

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Planning A Summer Trip To Phuket? Then Soi Dog Sho..
3rd Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Planning a summer trip to Phuket? Then Soi Dog should be on your holiday bucket list! 🧡 Throughout April we’re celebrating our wonderful volunteers as part of National Volunteer Month and we’d love you to join our dedicated team, whether you have days, weeks or months to spare. With nearly 1,900 dogs and cats in our care, we rely entirely on the kindness and dedication of volunteers to socialise them and start them on the path to finding their forever homes. Acres of green space awaits...

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Do You Remember Churos Heartbreaking Tale?. Not On..
3rd Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Do you remember Churos’ heartbreaking tale? 💔 Not only had Churos been abandoned and tied to a tree with a chain, but the local villagers were intending to poison him 😥. Thankfully, our Emergency Rescue Team were able to rescue him just in time. Churos has not just survived – every day he is showing us that he is grateful to be alive. His Behaviourist, Curtis shared with us a few words about Churos’ progress: “Churos is doing quite well. He goes out with my team, and will h...

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Celebrating Another Milestone Moment, Ahead Of Wor..
2nd Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Celebrating another milestone moment, ahead of World Stray Animal Day 🎉 Following last year’s landmark, when Soi Dog became the first organisation in history to neuter and vaccinate one million stray animals, last Monday brought more big news for our ever-expanding programme. Alongside Dogs Trust Worldwide, Soi Dog Foundation proudly hosted the Thailand Companion Animal Management Conference in Bangkok, bringing together our independent companion animal management consultant, fellow Tha...

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Folkza Would Have Starved If It Wasnt For A Kind H..
2nd Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Folkza would have starved if it wasn’t for a kind human 😢. He was discovered tightly chained to a public well and suffering from a severe tick infestation. He had clearly been abandoned, but thankfully he was found before it was too late. Folkza received medical treatment at our hospital and lots of loving care to mend his broken heart. Today he is a happy resident at the Gill Dalley Sanctuary - his beautiful smile tells us that he feels happy and safe 🧡🙏🏼. Animals like Folk...

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Dear World,. Soi Dog Foundation Has Been Taken Ove..
1st Apr 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Dear World, Soi Dog Foundation has been taken over. We, the Feline Treato Effort (FTE) have breached CEO Louise's office and taken control of the sanctuary 🐈‍⬛🐈‍💪🏼 Operation Feast commences at 5:27 ICT. Show us you're with us: click here to donate to the Snack Fund 🥷🏻🐾 Link: https://links.soidog.org/cats-rule-dogs-drool APRIL FOOLS' ‼️ 🗓️ Hehehe It's us - Jonto and Serumo and we're just kitt-en around! Did you think we were fur-real?! 😸 As Sponso...

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Hi Friends, Its Paloka Here. Im Excited To Share T..
31st Mar 2024, by Soi Dog Foundation

Hi friends, it’s Paloka here! I’m excited to share that my sponsorship profile is back on the Soi Dog website and I’m accepting Friend Requests again! 👤➕ The Sponsorship Team said, “Paloka, that’s not what it’s called. They become your Sponsor and help to make sure your bowl is never empty of good food, you have veterinary care, a safe place to call home and a carer to love and cuddle you” but I’m sticking with Friend Request because you will LITERALLY become my best fr...

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