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Three More Lives Saved From The Horrific Dog Meat ..
8th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

📣Three more lives saved from the horrific dog meat trade‼ Just this week our trusted partner organisation, Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), carried out a raid in the province of Bulacan, Philippines and saved three precious lives. Thanks to an invaluable tip-off, the AKF team together with the local authorities were able to track down an infamous trader and eventually arrest him. Five dogs were found tied up in sacks, gasping for air. While two had already tragically died due to suffocat...

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In 2022, We Were Fortunate Enough To Welcome A Tot..
7th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

In 2022, we were fortunate enough to welcome a total of 894 volunteers to our shelter in Phuket, Thailand – a 55% increase compared to 2021! However, with close to 1,900 animals currently in our care – a number that's rising on a daily basis – we're certain to need even more helping hands in 2023. Can we count on you? Volunteers play an absolutely vital role in exercising our dogs and socialising our cats – readying some for adoption and enriching the lives of many others who will call...

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Our Soidog20years Timeline Continues. Its 2004. Ha..
7th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Our #SoiDog20Years timeline continues. It’s 2004. Having returned to be with John at home for Christmas, Gill is coming to terms with the life-changing circumstances of losing both her lower legs. One cannot imagine what was going through her mind at that stage. But being the determined individual she was, she would get through it come what may. That was Gill. She wouldn’t let anything get in the way of the mission to save the dogs and cats of Asia. What happened next was the stuff of ni...

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Look At Dog Of The Week Ottonie Growing Up In Our ..
6th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Look at 🌟Dog of the Week🌟 Ottonie growing up in our arms 🥺 Once just a handful, she’s now big enough to find a home: https://links.soidog.org/adopt-ottonie Ottonie and her two siblings were brought to the shelter in July last year when they were around 10 weeks old. Some kind tourists found them by the side of the road and suspected they’d been abandoned there. A lot has changed for Ottonie since then. Her fur has lightened. Her ears have stood up. And she’s graduated from our ...

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Upsetting Images Being A Stray Dog With No One To ..
6th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠️ Upsetting images ⚠️ Being a stray dog with no one to feed or care for her, HinNgam had taken shelter at a local beach on the island. But when you have to fend for yourself, there is little protection and poor HinNgam was found with an open wound on her right hind leg. 😥 We don’t know how it happened, but it must have been severe as she had lost all of her digits on that paw. 😲 The suffering she was going through must have been unbearable, and yet there was still no one to h...

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Pumars Furrytailending Was So Good, It Made Our 20..
5th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Pumar’s #furrytailending was so good, it made our 2022 End of Year Report! 📖 You can find more adoption highlights at pages 22-25 of the report here: https://pub.soidog.org/end-of-year-reports/2022.pd f#page=22 Pumar was one of a litter of puppies brought to the shelter in May 2021. Their mother had been fatally poisoned, leaving her and her three siblings to fend for themselves in the jungle. They were just a few months old at the time. Pumar’s brothers and sisters found their own ...

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Its Amazing What A Whole Lot Of Love Can Do. When ..
5th Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

It’s amazing what a whole lot of love can do. 🥰 When Zubell and Zubaki were just a few days old their mother left and never came back again. 😥 Being so small and vulnerable, they had no chance of surviving without a caregiver. And at that age, every second counts. Thankfully, our Emergency Response Team were able to respond as quickly as they could. After arriving at our hospital and being assessed, our veterinary team discovered that they still had their umbilical cords attached, and...

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We Know It Might Be Hard To Believe As He Doesnt L..
3rd Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

We know it might be hard to believe as he doesn’t look a day over 10, but our sweet, sponsor boy, Daymon is 17 today! 🎈 We hope you’ll join us in wishing him the happiest of birthdays. 🎂 We first met Daymon four years ago, when we received a call to say that a dog had fallen into a canal. Having a condition that affected his eyes, Daymon had lost his sight making the streets a very dangerous place for him. He was already 13 at the time, and had a long road to recovery. But we soon l...

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Zuzano Needs Your Patience And Love
2nd Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Blink and you’ll miss him! It’s 🌟Dog of the Week🌟 Zuzano: https://links.soidog.org/dog-of-the-week-zuzano F ull of anxious excitement and nervous energy, Zuzano is a dog who’s often on the move. However, get to know him and you’ll see his calm and gentle side. It’s Zuzano’s tough start to life that made him this way. Before he’d even turned three months old, he’d already experienced abandonment, fear and serious illness. However, he’s come through it all with a smile, a...

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You Helped To Make Their Dreams Come True. Back In..
2nd Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

You helped to make their dreams come true! 🏘️🧡🐶 Back in 2021, the CDC's temporary prohibition on importing commercial dogs into the US dealt a crushing blow to the dreams of countless dogs hoping for a forever home of their own. Wanting to keep their dreams alive, animal lovers from all over the world worked tirelessly to revoke the ban, and it worked! A year after it was first announced, the ban was officially revised. With so many rescue dogs desperately waiting for their plane ...

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Continuing Our Look Back Through The 20-Year Histo..
1st Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Continuing our look back through the 20-year history of Soi Dog, this week we go back to 2004 – a year of enormous challenges, both for the region and for Gill and John. The month is September. Soi Dog’s spay/neuter efforts are gathering pace in Phuket. Since the beginning of the year, almost 1,000 further animals have been reached, and real inroads are being made into managing the stray population on the island. Continuing to perform the role of dog catcher, Gill is out near a water buf...

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Donate Your Vehicle And Make A Rescued Dog Smile. ..
1st Jun 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Donate your vehicle and make a rescued dog smile!😄 ⁠ Soi Dog has joined forces with CARS in the USA and Giveacar in the UK to help turn your unused vehicles into cash for the cause you care about. ⁠ They handle everything – collection, valuation and the donation itself – so the process is not only rewarding but hassle free too.⁠ And it’s not just cars they accept either. All vehicles are considered, in any condition, including trucks, RVs, motorcycles and even boats.⁠ 🚗 If ...

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A Tan-Black Fur, Honey Eyes And Teddy Bear Ears, T..
31st May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

A tan-black fur, honey eyes and teddy bear ears, these charming traits belong to Bowfin: https://www.soidog.org/adopt/bowfin-2935 Bowfin arrived at the shelter as a young puppy with ticks on her body and sadness in her eyes. Alongside Bowfin were her five siblings who all looked and felt exactly the same. Sadly, one of Bowfin’s sisters passed away, but the rest made it through with the help of urgent blood transfusions for anaemia and close care in our ICU. Now 10 months old and with her di...

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Upsetting Images Asclepius Needs Your Help. Found ..
31st May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠️ Upsetting images ⚠️ Asclepius needs your help. Found on a nearby island with an infected wound on his head, Asclepius must have been suffering for some time. 😥 Without medical intervention, he surely would have suffered a slow and painful death, but the kind people who found him helped to save his life by seeking urgent medical care. Now in the safety of our hospital, Asclepius will start to receive the treatment he needs, including medication to alleviate the symptoms of his in...

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She Was In Such A Bad Way When We Found Her 😔
31st May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Isn’t her transformation just incredible? And it’s all thanks to you. 🥰 Without the kindness of animal lovers like you, Cutiepie would have never received the help that has enabled her to get to where she is today. Thank you for giving her a chance. 🧡 To continue helping dogs just like her, please click here: https://links.soidog.org/help-more-dogs-like-cutie pie-here.

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Theres Something So Sad About A Dog Spending Their..
30th May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

There’s something so sad about a dog spending their young years in a shelter, like 🌟Dog of the Week🌟 Zuzano has: https://links.soidog.org/adopt-zuzano Zuzano is 2 years 9 months old, but he was just nine weeks when our mobile team found him abandoned on the streets. Left in an area populated by territorial adult dogs, he didn’t stand a chance, so the team transferred him to the Soi Dog shelter for safety. He has lived here ever since. It’s easy to be fooled by Zuzano’s proud stan...

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It Looks Like Mobell Has Been Practicing His Nose ..
30th May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

It looks like Mobell has been practicing his nose boops again. 🤭 While he's got your attention, did you know that Facebook fundraisers are a great way to help dogs like him? Since finding his way to our sanctuary more than four years ago, Facebook fundraisers have helped to provide animals like him with a safe and loving environment while they patiently wait for their forever homes. Whether you're celebrating your birthday or simply want to do something special for the street dogs and cats ...

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Warning This Story Might Leave You In Happy Tears...
29th May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Warning! This story might leave you in (happy) tears 🥺💕 Enzo was only a day old when he was found abandoned in a box outside someone's house. He was so tiny, and his eyes were not yet open to the world. Being so young and separated from his mum, Enzo was placed in foster care with one of our staff members who gave him round-the-clock care, even bringing him to the office every day. Watching him grow became part of our daily routine. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, and the ...

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Look Who's Doing So Much Better. When Rimlaynoi Fi..
29th May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Look who's doing so much better. 🥰 When Rimlaynoi first arrived, we didn't know if she would make it. She had clearly been suffering for some time and was on the brink of death. 😥 It's hard to imagine that she might have gone her entire life without experiencing kindness and affection. But thankfully, fate intervened when a couple of kind-hearted tourists witnessed the heartbreaking condition she was in and called for help. Fast forward many months, and Rimlaynoi has been receiving the ...

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Proudly Presenting Soi Dog Foundation's 2022 End O..
28th May 2023, by Soi Dog Foundation

Proudly presenting Soi Dog Foundation's 2022 End of Year Report: https://pub.soidog.org/end-of-year-reports/2022.pd f Our cover star this year is soi dog Teresla, and her story touches on three of the biggest highlights of 2022: 🧡 Teresla was found by one of our mobile sterilisation teams who spayed her before she could birth another litter to suffer on the streets. Thanks to you, 196,106 animals like Teresla were spayed/neutered and vaccinated in 2022 – the highest annual number in Soi ...

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