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Tony Lost An Eye But, He Found A New Life
29th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Graphic footage! When we found Tony, where his eye used to be, there was a gaping hole instead. Tony had injured his eye and the wound got bigger and bigger. Maggots ate into his skin and muscles until there was n’t much of his eye left. Can you imagine poor Tony’s unbearable pain? Yet, he held on strong and somehow kept himself alive. Thanks to kind and generous animal lovers like YOU, we were able to help him on his healing journey. https://links.soidog.org/help-street-cats -like-tony I...

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Graphic Image Bovon Is A Prime Example Of How Nume..
29th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠️Graphic image! Bovon is a prime example of how numerous terrible things can and do happen to unloved street dogs. But with your support, we really can turn his life around! Please help today: https://links.soidog.org/save-more-dogs-like-Bovon Pitiful but handsome Bovon may only be one-year-old, but he has already suffered far more than any dog ever should. Once we were alerted to this precious pup, our Animal Rescue Officers went deep into the jungle to locate and rescue him. Firstly,...

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Soi Dog Marks World Rabies Day!
28th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

To mark World Rabies Day today, Soi Dog Foundation held a special vaccination drive at a local community hall here in Phuket. Learn more about the event here: https://links.soidog.org/SoiDog-GARC-event-Thailan d We remain truly committed to the prevention and eventual elimination of rabies from Thailand and join the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030, creating a better world for animals and humans alike. While rabies has not been comp...

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Give Dogs Like Paloka A Chance To Live A Happy And..
28th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Give dogs like Paloka a chance to live a happy and healthy life! I was so terrified and timid when I arrived at Soi Dog in 2018. My heart was beating so fast I had to be sedated so the vets could examine me. I am Paloka and I would like to tell you my sad story. Please read my story here: https://links.soidog.org/sponsor-shelterdog-Paloka I am less scared now thanks to Soi Dog and all the nice people who take care of me. I have kidney problems which mean I am unlikely to be adopted. So it is...

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Graphic Images Her Poor Paw Looked Like Something ..
28th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠️ GRAPHIC IMAGES! Her poor paw looked like something from a horror film 🤕 Please help relieve the terrible pain for cats like Antti by joining our Care for Cats Club today: https://links.soidog.org/help-unwanted-cats We don’t know how long this poor girl was suffering, but it must have been for a long time. It was so clear that she was in a world of pain. Her nails had grown so long that they had pierced back into her paw; causing a gruesome infection. Her paw was septic. It is quite ...

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Are You Planning To Fly From Thailand To The Usa O..
27th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Are you planning to fly from Thailand to the USA 🇺🇸 or Canada 🇨🇦❓ Whether you have a flight booked or not, please get in touch with us. Soi Dog Foundation is urgently looking for flight volunteers – anyone who can assist with taking rescued dogs to their new homes overseas. The process is straightforward; Soi Dog can help take care of all of your travel needs. Please contact: 📧 logistics@soidog.org or 📞 098-701-1341 TODAY. Soi Dog Foundation's shelter in Phuket is opera...

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How Many Lives Will You Save Today?
27th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

🅣🅗🅡🅔🅔 days left till the end of Soi Dog Canada’s Mutt March 2020❗ Every donation truly makes a difference. For the final Mutt March Challenge (#10 – 'Talk to Us'), our International Director of Animal Welfare, Dr. Ala and Local Adoptions Manager, Ms. Ae touches on the reasons why you should help support Soi Dog Foundation. 🙏 We hope that you will continue to march on and help raise much needed funds for homeless and abandoned animals in Asia. During these trying times,...

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Warning Graphic Video. Helping A Dog Like Yodkuan ..
27th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠ Warning graphic video Helping a dog like Yodkuan might not change the world, but it will definitely change his world. Please act today and keep dogs like him alive during this crisis: https://links.soidog.org/save-streetdogs-today Right now, as a result of the ongoing crisis, there are many more abandoned, injured and sick dogs like Yodkuan in dire need of help. With no government funding to keep Soi Dog running, there is only the generosity and love that people like you show for pups lik...

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Kitties And Their New Abode
27th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

In celebration of #HappyCatMonth we are excited to take you on a tour of Soi Dog's new cat abode. 😻 A few weeks ago, #SoiDogRescue kitties moved to their re-furbished cattery. The current building which was constructed in 2011, was used as our feline hospital as well as the cattery, back when we only had a few cats but, with the increasing number of street cats needing help, it was clear the feline section of the shelter needed to expand. In December 2019, we opened our state of the art hos...

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Shop On Soi Dog's Online Merch Store Today!
27th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

There's just 90 days to go until Christmas! 🎅 Shop to show you care for the unwanted and unloved street dogs and cats in Thailand. You can put a smile on their faces by shopping at Soi Dog’s online merchandise store here: https://links.soidog.org/shop-without-guilt Disco ver the gifts you can purchase including Soi Dog-themed clothing and home products. We’ve got something for everyone. Order now, to get your gifts delivered on time for the joyous celebration with your family and frien...

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When An Animals Environment Does Not Fulfil Its Ba..
26th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

When an animal’s environment does not fulfil its basic needs for survival and comfort, welfare is affected. The ‘Freedom to express normal behaviour’ from the ‘Five Freedoms’ of the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare's (UDAW) is an important factor to uphold when discussing about responsible dog ownership. Unfortunately, many Soi Dog’s rescues that have come through our doors faced some form of traumatic incident during their time living on the streets. Certain mistreatments ...

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Your Gift Makes A Difference For Cats Like Tairo. ..
26th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Your gift makes a difference for cats like Tairo 💝. My name is Tairo, aka “Ginger Spice”, and I am a survivor. Get to know me a little better by clicking here: https://links.soidog.org/cats-like-Tairo-need-you I was walking down the street one day, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, bam! I was hit by a speeding car. When I tried to walk, I couldn’t move either of my back legs. The driver sped off. I was left for dead. Fortunately, Soi Dog came to my rescue and now my legs...

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Did You Know That You Can Fundraise On Facebook Fo..
26th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Did you know that you can fundraise on Facebook for Soi Dog Foundation❓ Thanks to Facebook’s fundraiser tool, you can now use your social media platform to raise money for suffering dogs and cats in Asia and share your fundraiser with friends and family! The Facebook fundraiser tool is currently only available in certain countries. To get started, please follow these steps: 1. Click Fundraisers in the left-hand menu of your News Feed 2. Click Raise Money 3. Select “Soi Dog Foundation”...

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Give Fairytale Her Happy Ending – Become Her Sponsor!
25th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

My name is Fairytale but sadly, my life has been anything but. I arrived here severely malnourished and bleeding from my nose and mouth. I am also blind. Will you please sponsor me? https://links.soidog.org/sponsor-seniordog-Fairyta le The vets here said I had many health problems. Weak and dehydrated, I could barely stand. I had muscle wastage in both my hind legs and a deformity of the spine. I am doing so much better now, having received the medical treatment and care I needed. But I am an ...

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Humane Treatment Of Sentient Beings Should Be A Na..
25th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Humane treatment of sentient beings should be a natural instinct but, something some may take for granted. For Soi Dog’s #ResponsibleDogOwnershipMonth, we are taking a look at ‘Freedom from pain, injury and disease’ from the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare's (UDAW) 'Five Freedoms’ which has championed the rights of animal welfare since 1960s. 🙌 ⁠ Ensuring that your dog receives proper and timely veterinary care in the event of unexpected illnesses is part of the responsibil...

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Soi Dog News Update Earlier This Month, Soi Dog Fo..
25th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

📣 SOI DOG NEWS UPDATE: Earlier this month, Soi Dog Foundation met with Mr. Somkiat Phansri, Head of the Animal Welfare Protection Division of the Department of Livestock Development (DLD), to discuss the development and management of Thailand’s animal shelters. Representatives from animal quarantine centres in Buriram and Nakhon Phanom and other relevant organisations also attended. Soi Dog Foundation’s Bangkok Director of Animal Welfare Dr. Oob gave a presentation about the development...

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No Animal Should Suffer Like This! Sign Today!
25th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

🚨 Let’s get dog and cat meat off the menu in Vietnam. Sign our letter today! It is a truly cruel, barbaric and outdated practice. Animals spend days crushed together in cages before they are tortured - often skinned or boiled alive. Please, sign our letter here www.soidog.org/savethedogs/vietnam urging the Vietnamese government to ban this trade. Please, act now and help stop this horror.

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Remember The Rescues. Soi Dog Cares For Thousands ..
24th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Remember the rescues❣️ Soi Dog cares for thousands of animals every year, and some require more time and attention than others. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as behavioural or medical issues. For this #RememberMeThursday, why not get to know some of our sponsor animals? Sponsoring is a great way to support our work if you are not in a position to adopt. Some of our dogs and cats face the possibility of spending the rest of their days in a shelter. This may be because of beha...

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All Animals Should Be Free From Discomfort. To Mar..
24th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

📣 All animals should be free from discomfort. To mark #ResponsibleDogOwnershipMonth, we continue to highlight the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare's (UDAW) 'Five Freedoms' which serve as universal guidance for the humane treatment of all sentient beings. Today, we're looking at 'Freedom from discomfort' which is all about providing our dogs with a comfortable environment that is conducive to their needs. Here at Soi Dog Foundation, even with no government funding, we aim to provide ...

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Warning Graphic Images An Infected Wound Like This..
24th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

⚠ Warning – graphic images! An infected wound like this can be a death sentence for unloved street dogs like Yodkuan. Please, help desperate animals like him get the urgent care they need: https://links.soidog.org/save-more-dogs-like-Yodku an This petite pup arrived at the shelter in agonising pain. He had an enormous chunk missing from his neck and the wound was wriggling with maggots. With your generosity, we can help him and many more to recover in body and in mind. When people like...

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