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Wondering Why Paws' Social Media Accounts Have Bee..
25th Aug 2018, by PAWS

Wondering why PAWS' social media accounts have been so active lately? Well, we have this superstar to thank! Her name is Vivian and she has spent the last two months interning at PAWS. She has been hard at work helping out the animals at our shelter and coming up with quality content to raise awareness for PAWS. Vivian's internship period has officially ended and she has gone off to continue her studies in Animal Resource Science and Management. She will certainly be missed, especially by our ...

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Daisy D91 Is Visually Impaired With Only Partial V..
24th Aug 2018, by PAWS

Daisy (D91) is visually impaired with only partial vision in her left eye. However, that does not stop her from exploring the world at her own pace. She enjoys the freedom of being on her own but likes to keep her human close by for assurance. She will occasionally check for your presence with her little sniffs, and when she finds you and bumps into you, she lights up and jumps in excitement. We’re proud of you too, Daisy! Aside from her partial blindness, she is perfectly healthy and happy. S...

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Meet Jas Jas D236 Is One Of Our Senior Dogs Here I..
21st Aug 2018, by PAWS

Meet Jas! Jas (D236) is one of our senior dogs here in PAWS. Don’t let her youthful face fool you. This sweetheart is actually 9 years old! Jas is an old soul: she loves her morning stroll and a good nap that comes after. She has been with us for two years and it would be wonderful for her to have a forever home for the rest of her life. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Tickets Sold Out Thank You For Your Support. We Ha..
21st Aug 2018, by PAWS

We have 10 tickets available for Boyzone Live in KL, courtesy of CSR Malaysia Magazine! This concert will be held at the Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil on Friday the 24th of August 2018 at 8:30pm. Grab your seats now with a minimum donation of RM 200.00 per ticket and enjoy the show while you support the animals at our shelter! These are tickets for the CAT1 category Block 322 seating worth RM468 each! Donations are to be made in advance and tickets will only be handed to you at the venue on the ...

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Adopted. This Stunning White Rabbit Is Up For Adop..
17th Aug 2018, by PAWS

This stunning white rabbit is up for adoption! 🐰 Aged 3 years, this male rabbit is not afraid of humans and loves his veggies very much. His adorable munch will surely melt your heart. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Adidas P229 Is A Goofy Bundle Of Enthusiasm. This ..
13th Aug 2018, by PAWS

Adidas (P229) is a goofy bundle of enthusiasm. This 10-month-old pup likes nothing more than to stretch her legs at the park. Adidas loves a run, so if you’re looking for a jogging companion or someone to take long walks with, she is the perfect one. Growing up with many other pups, Adidas loves to have a playmate who she can wrestle and snuggle with. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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To All Visitors And Volunteers, Please Step On The..
12th Aug 2018, by PAWS

To all visitors and volunteers, please step on the trays we have provided around the shelter whenever you enter or leave the area. The trays contain disinfectants to disinfect your footwear and prevent cross-contamination in the shelter. Please help in keeping the animals healthy. Thank you in advance. 🐶❤️😺

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Brothers Reunited After 4 Years When Three Of His ..
7th Aug 2018, by PAWS

Brothers reunited after 4 years! When three of his siblings were adopted, D193 was the only one left behind. Fatefully, the adopter of his brother saw his adoption profile that we have posted last week and decided to adopt him to reunite the brothers! We are truly happy for them. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Timeline Photos
4th Aug 2018, by PAWS

Cheshire (# 70922) is adopted! She is still struck by the fact that she has a forever home and a sibling now. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Bidding A Painful, Loving, Final Farewell To Our S..
4th Aug 2018, by PAWS

Never an easy decision. Above all, we are glad that Pickles had a good, long life. Thank you for sticking by her side until the very end.

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Thou Shall Not Cut Your Cats Whiskers. Trimming Yo..
3rd Aug 2018, by PAWS

THOU SHALL NOT CUT YOUR CAT’S WHISKERS! 😾✂️❌ Trimming your cat’s whiskers is a big NO-NO. Unlike human hair, the vibrissae are touch receptors that sends information about the surroundings directly to the cat’s sensory nerves like a KITTY RADAR! Cats are easily disoriented and frightened without their whiskers. They need them to navigate their way around (even in the dark).

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Lilo D135 Is A Lovely Dog With Great Personality. ..
31st Jul 2018, by PAWS

Lilo (# D135) is a lovely dog with great personality. This 2-year-old can be bursting with energy and excitement but calms down pretty quickly. Though her brindled coat may make her seem intimidating, Lilo is actually very gentle and friendly. She makes a good companion even for kids. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Every Pet Owner Will Understand. Nevertheless, We ..
26th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Every pet owner will understand. Nevertheless, we still love them despite their differences.

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Adopt Me One Glance At This 4-Year-Old Male D193 A..
24th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Adopt me! One glance at this 4-year-old male (# D193) and you’ll notice his adorable fluffy ears. This dog loves absolutely everyone. Well, except for other dogs while he’s on a walk (as long as they don’t come near him, he will not bother with them). But other than that, he is generally a friendly dog! #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Korea Wallpaper Has Generously Donated 152 Bags Of..
21st Jul 2018, by PAWS

Korea Wallpaper has generously donated 152 bags of 20kg dog food to PAWS as part of their #SaveTheGogos campaign! This will be enough to feed the dogs at PAWS for two whole months! The first batch of 50 bags were delivered today. Thank you so much to everyone involved. We are overwhelmed by your amazing efforts!

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We Will Be At Bazaar Of Hope At Citta Mall With An..
21st Jul 2018, by PAWS

We will be at Bazaar of Hope at CITTA Mall with an adoption drive for both cats and dogs. Do drop by if you have the chance! 21st & 22nd July, 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm

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Nicknamed Cheshire, This 2-Year-Old Cat 70922 Has ..
17th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Nicknamed “Chesire”, this 2-year-old cat (#70922) has captivating eyes of the Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Her tri-coloured coat are unlike others with unique patterns. Her laid-back personality makes her a great companion for all ages. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Timeline Photos
15th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Russell the Miniature Pinscher is adopted! Although Russell is the tiniest amongst all dogs here, he has a big personality. We will surely miss his presence, trotting about in the shelter, especially his “Dad” (far left). Ultimately, we’re glad that he has a loving family now.

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Thong Mang Has Been With Paws Ever Since She Was A..
10th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Thong Mang has been with PAWS ever since she was a little pup and was fostered personally by our shelter personnels. Now at 3 years of age, this once frail tiny puppy has grown into a strong adult, standing tall on her white paws. After waiting for three long years for someone who can understand her and to give her a forever home, Thong Mang’s wait was finally over. A kind gentleman had decided to give her a chance for the freedom she needs. Now, Thong Mang is able to run free with her friend...

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One Look At This Cat, You Must Be Wondering How It..
9th Jul 2018, by PAWS

One look at this cat, you must be wondering how its face can be so symmetrically asymmetrical. It is the two-faced cat or known as Chimera cat. Chimerism is the genetic condition where the cells contain 2 types of DNA resulting from the fusion of two embryos. In other words, they are their own fraternal twin! In fact, we have a cat in our shelter that has chimerism! You can find her (#70325) at C2 section. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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