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Pole’s Updates After 1 Day
18th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Yesterday, Pole was eating Coco&Joe’s already. But by night time, she “suddenly” remembered that she was supposed to be boycotting Coco&Joe’s. Still, I just offered her Coco&Joe’s whenever she asked for food throughout the night. She merely licked a little bit each time and the other cats would finish it for her. I finally relented for the last meal of the night and gave her AD which she ate up so happily and heartily. Well, it’s a slow process, tr...

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MCO-Relief Petfood Donation To Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary (and Updates On Rocky B!)
18th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, Ng Yu Mei, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, In memory of Mr Chan Kam Loon, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund). The petfood: Cindy Holistic cat kibble 13kg – Open Farm Chicken – 1 bag Monge Kitten kibble 10 kg – 2 bags Vitalplus cat kibble 18kg – Salmon – 2 bags Cat canned food Cindy original Tender chicken.with salmon (80g) – 8 boxes Dog canned food Alps Classic Pate (400g) Lamb with premium meat – 15 boxes Alps dog kibble 13 kg &ndash...

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MCO-Relief Petfood Donation To Survivor Shelter
18th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Donors: Ng Yu Mei, Kok Khee Wee, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Tan Lai Fun, Wong Chin Kuan, Minnie & Smurfy, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund). The petfood: Alps dog kibble 13kg – Salmon – 6 bags – Lamb – 6 bags – Turkey – 6 bags – Pork – 6 bags – Duck – 6 bags We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery. A message from Ms Ong (transcribed from a voicemail in Cantonese, two days ago): Received 30 bags of Alps kibble.  Thanks very muc...

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Smurfy’s Updates
17th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Smurfy had his vaccination yesterday. The vet had cautioned that he might feel a little down for two days, maybe even a bit feverish. Well, yesterday evening, Smurfy was clearly a little down, but this morning, he’s back to his normal feisty and completely adorable self! He always greets me and gets really excited when I come out to the patio. There are four baskets in their condo now. Everyone’s favourite basket is the highest one! These are some photos from previous days. Smurfy ...

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Pole’s Updates
17th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Pole seems fine now, though she is not back 100% yet. No more crouching, she can stretch out now. Then, something unexpected happened in the late afternoon. Pole asked for food and I decided to just offer her Coco&Joe’s. She ate!!! https://myanimalcare.org/wp-content/uploads /2020/05/video3.mp4 Believe it! She ate. This was at around 5.40pm. I did not have to add anything to it too. In her normal days, I would have to add Primal sprinkles before she would eat. I think the trauma this...

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Ginger’s Visit To The Vet’s
17th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Ginger wasn’t eating as well as he usually is yesterday and by this morning, he was snorting and sneezing out cloudy mucus. I nebulized him first before taking him to the vet’s with Pole. Ginger could not eat his regular food today. I think it’s because his upper respiratory tract is all congested so it hampers his sense of smell. When a cat cannot smell, he will most likely not eat too. But when I gave him tuna, he ate a little. Whenever Ginger is sick, he will go into his s...

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Pole’s Emergency – Seizure Or Spinal Spur?
17th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Pole gave me a fright this morning. I found her lying on her pillow, looking visibly sick. She did not come to the grille to wait for breakfast as she always does every single morning. Something was definitely wrong. She looked very sickly too. I could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong with her. She was perfectly alright the whole of yesterday and last night. When I touched her, she cried out in pain. Oh no…this is NOT good at all. I could only think of acute kidney failure...

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Updates On Hoko And Momo (adopted!!!)
16th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Isn’t this great?!!! I just texted the caretaker and she says Hoko and Momo are doing fine, eating well and getting along very well with her own cats. She says they are both very friendly. So, the caretaker has decided to ADOPT Hoko and Momo as her own. They will not be going to the shelter. Hoko and Momo now have a home!!! We will be sending some petfood to the caretaker as a gesture of gratitude, it will be for all her cats. Hoko and Momo, you both have a home now! No more living on the...

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The Rescue And Rehoming Of 2 Kittens (Marcus Wong’s)
16th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Yesterday, I received an urgent email from Marcus Wong. Marcus had been taking care of two kittens, already neutered and vaccinated too. They were community kittens in his neighbourhood.  There are only eight community cats in his area and the gardener helps to take care of them. He even told the residents that two are his cats, to protect them. Sadly, neighbours complained that cats sit on the bonnet of their cars, so they threatened to call the council. Marcus needed to rehome the kittens...

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Pole’s Check-Up At The Vet’s (blood Pressure And Thyroid Under Control)
16th May 2020, by AnimalCare

We took Pole along with Smurfy as her check-up is due as well. To recap, Pole is 14 years old, has CKD (chronic kidney disease) which is exacerbated by her hyperthyroidism (on transdermal Methimazole) and recently, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure (on oral Amlodipine) and she is also prone to FLUTD (urinary tract problems). Pole also has gastritis (on Omeprazole daily). On 14th April 2020, her creatinine was 368, this came down to 277 on 22nd April after daily subcut. Subcut was then r...

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Smurfy’s Vaccination Visit To The Vet’s
16th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Today is Smurfy’s second vaccination at the vet’s. We took him together with Pole (due for check-up and blood test). All is good for Smurfy. He got his second 4-in-1 vaccination and his second FeLV vaccination too. He was also dewormed and given Revolution spot-on. Smurfy weighed 2.1kg. I think he might overtake Pole in no time (weight-wise, that is). It’s a 600g increase from a month ago. The vet said Smurfy should be ready for neutering after all his vaccination schedule is c...

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The Babysitters! (and Looking For Puddle Lane Books, Please)
15th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Jia-Wen, Sihui and Ryan came a-visiting yesterday. Ryan was here all afternoon and we got to babysit him, with the help of Tabs. And Ginger. Tabs and Ginger took turns. https://myanimalcare.org/wp-content/upload s/2020/05/14-video.mp4 https://myanimalcare.org/wp -content/uploads/2020/05/15-video.mp4 This caption would be: Ok, then what happened??? Hahaha…. Dear everyone, this is a quick departure from AnimalCare work. I am looking to buy used Ladybird Puddle Lane books. I kept our 1...

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Pos Ekspres Envelopes In Short Supply?
15th May 2020, by AnimalCare

We have been informed by many applicants that many post offices do not have the Pos Ekspres envelopes anymore. As such, please use your discretion and find a way to post your application form and receipt to us, safely and within the deadline. If you trust ordinary mail, please feel free to use it, but there will be no tracking of the mail after that. It is also written in our policies that you are supposed to take a clear image of the receipt, form and mail and email them to us so that we have a...

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Neutering Aid For 6 Cats In Johor Bharu (Lee Jook Keng’s)
15th May 2020, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM570 for the neutering of these 6 cats (3 females, 3 males). Updates on previous claims are below. 6 ekor kucing (3 betina dan 3 jantan)dari koloni asal di kawasan perumahan telah ditangkap dan dimandul.Saya akan pulangkan mereka ke tempat asal dan memberi makanan setiap hari. Sekian Terima KasihMs Lee Photos of previous animals whose neutering we have aided in. The dog has been adopted. The cats are free roaming in their original colony, fed daily by Ms Lee. 

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MCO-Relief Petfood Donation To PAWS
15th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Donors: NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Khoo Ming-Yi, Poldrey Hepburn, Minnie & Smurfy, an anonymous donor, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund). The petfood: Alps Small Bite puppy kibble 13kg (Salmon) – 35 bags We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery. A message from PAWS: Puppy food arrived. PAWS is located in Selangor and is home to more than 460 cats and dogs. Ever since the start of this MCO, their donations have dwindled considerably and there has been a marked increase in the dump...

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Smurfy’s Trips Out To Play
13th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Only Smurfy gets to come out to play because Minnie is still trying to escape and our contractor has not managed to get the materials to Minnie-proof the patio yet. Usually he doesn’t come out for long because he would quickly go back to the cage and asks to be let in. But yesterday, he decided to venture a little bit more. And he discovered this….oh, oh. Can he jump from the vegetable pots to Stargrille and climb out, with his back at 45 degrees?  I didn’t take the c...

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Kitten For Adoption (Yee Veterinary Clinic)
13th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Please help to share and let’s find this kitten a loving home. Thank you. Kitten looking for a home. 2 months old, female. Interested adopter please contact Yee Veterinary Clinic at 018-2614824. Please share this message around. Thank you.

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Pole’s Eating Updates
13th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Here we go again…. I have not given up. This was a few days ago when Pole, on her own accord, ate Coco&Joe’s. But after 45 minutes, she vomited it out. So, since then, I have not let her eat any Coco&Joe’s. Instead, she is only given her baby food with Primal sprinkles and I sneak in Cubgrub. She could tolerate this combination. No vomiting. But this morning, as I was busy with the rest, Pole, again, on her own accord, went to eat up some leftover Coco&Joe&rsquo...

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What Happened To The Two Fighters (Indy & Ginger)
13th May 2020, by AnimalCare

So, they fought and it looked like Ginger won (again). That night, Indy slept on the bed and looked quite miserable. I had checked and he had a scratch wound on his paw and it also looked like he lost one of the claws on his hind legs. Both were cleaned with hibiscrub and povidone iodine was applied on them. They did not look serious, though. But I did not discount the fact that he might need a trip to the vet’s since he needed one the last time he lost in a fight with Ginger. He ate, tho...

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The Big Indy-Ginger Fight (guess Who Won…again?)
11th May 2020, by AnimalCare

Indy has been acting up for the past week or so with (1) his lightning-speed escapes from Bunny’s Room to the patio and (2) his constant war-cries on Bunny. So this afternoon, I heard his war cries, but remember he was at the patio. I thought he was war-crying on Bunny on the patio side of the Stargate, so Bunny would be safe. I did go in to check and Bunny was perfectly alright. Little did I know (silly me!) that Indy was war-crying on Ginger. I thought Ginger was inside the house. You se...

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