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5 Myths We Need To Debunk | Isabel Ling | PetFinder.my WAGazine
28th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

FACT or FICTION? Find out the truth on 5 common myths and clear the air on these misconceptions. Does sterilization make your pet fat or change its personality? Can pregnant ladies keep cats? Is your pet too old for surgery? Debunk the myths at Dr.Isabel's latest WAGazine article!

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Animal Welfare Bill 2012 Phase 2 Survey | PetFinder.my
27th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

4 MORE DAYS to the closure of the Animal Welfare Bill Phase 2 Survey! Have you reviewed the latest Draft and completed the survey with your feedback? This is a golden opportunity where public input is sought to shape our nation's animal welfare standards. A great chance for us to put our thoughts into effective words and action. Please spread the word asap and get your animal-lover friends to fill in the survey now!

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Dawn's Doggy Diary [ Part 1 ] | Dave Avran | PetFinder.my WAGazine
24th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Introducing DAWN, the abuse survivor and his Doggy Diary! A true account of his narrow escape from death, and the fun and inspiring stories that follow. Follow this touching series and we're sure you'd fall in love with this tough, determined little boy!

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Photo Feature
23rd Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

ADOPTION DRIVE by Second Chance, Jalan Klang Lama this Sunday (Aug 26th) 10am - 6pm. Lots of adorable furry buddies seeking loving families. Come give them a second chance in life and enjoy a cozy home they so deserve! Donations in kind are welcome too. Please contact Second Chance for further info: Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/PawsMission Website: http://www.PawsMission.com/

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Updates On 22nd Aug 2012
22nd Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Catch Jacqueline Tsang of Save a Stray Malaysia on Astro's Buletin Awani at 1pm today (Aug 22nd), covering the topic of pet Hari Raya cat boarding and pet sterilization. An animal welfare veteran that we can certainly learn a lot from! Don't miss the program if you're next to a TV :)

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Updates On 19th Aug 2012
19th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all our Muslim friends! Have a fun celebration and great time with your family. To all the pet owners out there, please ensure that your lonely, furry darlings are properly cared for while you are away. Enjoy the long holiday! =)

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TreT The Super Dog
18th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Watch TreT, the master of Parkour (Free running) take on Ukraine's urban jungle. Don't you think he is the perfect candidate to do a live demonstration for the Prince of Persia or Temple Run game? =) Read more on TreT in the news here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188 184/Parkour-dog--Meet-TreT-amazing-free-running-po och.html

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Do You Trust Your Vet? | Rayya The Vet | PetFinder.my WAGazine
17th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

DO YOU TRUST YOUR VET? An interesting article by Dr.Rayya, a kind and compassionate vet who goes all the way in serving her lovely 4-legged clients. It is important to forge a good and trustworthy relationship with your vet to ensure a healthy pet.

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You And Your Rabbit [ Part 2 ] | Timothy Chan | PetFinder.my WAGazine
16th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

We've something cool for RABBIT LOVERS! Introducing the WAGazine series "YOU & YOUR RABBIT", rabbit expert Timothy Chan will share insightful tips on caring for this fluffy, furry pet. If you've wanted to get a pet rabbit or improve its care, this is a great chance to learn more, and to consult an expert on it. Happy reading!

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Siamese Kitten For Adoption - 1 Month, Xiao Mao Mao From Klang, Selangor
15th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

XIAO MAO MAO, a sweet little girl rescued from accident and nursed back to health. Cute, adorable girl with really innocent eyes. Would you like to bring her to your cozy home and celebrate Raya together? =)

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PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya
15th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Need CAT BOARDING for your Raya holidays? PAWS has just launched a cat boarding program. Provide a safe haven this holiday season for your cats at just a small fee, and support animal welfare at the same time. Please contact PAWS at 03-78461087 for further information, or check out their Facebook page at: PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya

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Welcoming Draft Of Animal Welfare Bill | Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye | PetFinder.my WAGazine
14th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

TAN SRI LEE LAM THYE welcomes the draft of Animal Welfare Bill 2012 with this official statement, available on WAGazine. We truly appreciate Tan Sri's efforts in championing animal welfare, and helping the NGOs push for these much-needed improvements. You can play a role too in shaping this Animal Welfare Bill by joining the government Phase 2 Survey now: http://www.PetFinder.my/links/animalwelfarebi ll.htm

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Animal Welfare Bill 2012 Survey | PetFinder.my
14th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

ANIMAL WELFARE BILL 2012 - Draft Released! Phase 2 of Survey begins NOW. Please download the Draft (PDF Format) at the page below, and fill up the corresponding survey to help our government finalize the bill. We are almost there after years of lobbying for such improvements. Let's work hard during this last mile and make a difference together! Please spread the word to all your animal lover friends ASAP. Survey ends 31st August.

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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? | Jessica Ng | PetFinder.my WAGazine
10th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW? Many of us grew up with this catchy tune and its accompanying doggy woofs, but how many of us actually pondered upon the lyrics' meaning? Well, the original singer Patti Page did, and she revised it to "DO YOU SEE THAT DOGGIE IN THE SHELTER" to raise awareness on animal welfare and shelters. Check out this interesting article and the accompanying video!

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Mixed Breed Puppies For Adoption - 3 Months, Girls From UN From Klang, Selangor
9th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Look at the SMILE of this happy girl! Introducing the "Girls from United Nations", a group of pretty canines rescued / abandoned at various places. Active, cute and lovely, please give them a second chance in life.

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Should I Microchip My Pet? | Amanda Coffin | PetFinder.my WAGazine
8th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Should You MICROCHIP Your Pet? Check out this informative article exploring the objectives and issues pertaining to microchipping your pet in Malaysia. We constantly receive enquiries on pet microchips, and we hope this would help clarify the what, where, why and how of microchipping.

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Domestic Medium Hair Kitten For Adoption - 1 Month, Little Paris From Kuala Lumpur
8th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Little PARIS, with unique black and golden markings on the body. Rescued together with a litter of siblings, Paris is a naughty and active girl that loves walking and climbing. Check out her sweet gallery of photos!

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Food For Us, Death For Them | Kopi & TehC Wong | PetFinder.my WAGazine
7th Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

Are you aware of the foods that can cause illness or even death for your beloved dog? Find out more about these hazardous items. Delicacy for human may mean poison for the animal!

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Somali Who ‘helped’ To Care For Pet Throws It Into Manhole
3rd Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

ANIMAL ABUSERS can run, but they cannot hide! With technology and social media, awareness on animal welfare is well increasing, and they will be shamed, exposed and hunted down by the public. We are now eagerly awaiting the introduction of the Animal Welfare Bill to complete the loop. There shall be zero tolerance on abuses, and humans have no reason to claim ignorance with all the education and awareness programs going around.

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How To Dominate The Sofa | Ellen Whyte | PetFinder.my WAGazine
3rd Aug 2012, by PetFinder.my

FELINE LOVERS Rejoice! Guido the cat who wishes to dominate the world is now sharing the secrets with you. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT show this to your cat, or they will take over the world. Exclusively brought to you by renowned author Ellen Whyte, this series will be published weekly on WAGazine. Have a good laugh, and enjoy your weekend!

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