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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - Year 2015

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31st Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

I AM SHY AND SCARED. WILL YOU PLEASE SPONSOR ME TO HELP WITH MY ONGOING CARE? My name is Doris and when I was a few months old one of the Soi Dog volunteers found me abandoned in his garden. I had probably been dumped there because I was unwanted. Sadly, some unknown traumatic experiences with humans have left me very anxious of people. I am now living in the shy dog run here at the shelter, where I am safe and well cared for but my fear does mean I am unlikely to be adopted right now. Will ...

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Amazing Pet Rescues 2015
31st Dec 2015, by PetFinder.my

As the year comes to an end, let us recap some of the most amazing pet rescues in 2015. Real Superheroes live among us. And may there be more inspiring moments in the coming year! You can be a Superhero to the animals too – give them a lifetime of love and shelter now at http://PetFinder.my. Source: http://bit.ly/1ZBMkct

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31st Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

Ada is one of hundreds of dogs rescued from a truck that was trying to smuggle them out of Thailand to a primitive slaughterhouse in Vietnam. YOUR support meant they were all saved. Click below to read Ada's story.

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Thank You Very Much (December 2015)
31st Dec 2015, by AnimalCare

We take this opportunity to thank all donors and well-wishers for the month of December 2015. Thank you very much for making it possible for us to continue helping the animals! No of neutering sponsored in December 2015: 115 (81 cats, 34 dogs) 2015 has been a very trying year for us, with a very significant decline in donations but an equally significant increase in claims. We are, hence, extremely appreciative and grateful for your kindness and generosity. With your support, we will striv...

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Neutering Aid For 2 Cats In Subang (Melissa Mei Teng-Hua’s)
31st Dec 2015, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM200 for the spaying of 1 female cat and the castration of 1 male cat. From: Melyssa Mei Date: Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 10:13 PM Subject: Re: To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com> Good evening, Dr Chan. Someone abandoned this kitten at the school a few months ago. She is really friendly and lives at the guard house. The guards and I take turns to feed her. She’s now more than 6 months old. I was planning on putting her up for adoption, but she’s very happy ...

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Selangor

This cat had been abandoned by his owner, they moved away and left him behind. The neighbours fed him temporarily, but could not afford to treat him when he frequently got wounded in fights with other cats. He came with a gaping wound on his cheek and a runny nose. He is now recovering in our quarantine area, and will be for adoption once he is back on his feet. He should ideally be in a single-cat household, living indoors so he doesn't get into fights. #StayTuned #BigOrangeCat #SPCASelangor

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Timeline Photos
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Selangor

Our caretaker's cat takes a luxurious nap in our lounge every morning. #SameCat #SameCouch #DifferentDay

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Timeline Photos
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Selangor

Mr Teh taking gorgeous Delilah for a walk today! Delilah is about 5 years old, with the build of a Rottweiler and fur of a terrier! She needs a home and a loving family, are you looking for a dog just like her? :) Drop by any day from 9am-4pm (closed Mondays) to meet her and our other animals for adoption!

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Timeline Photos
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Penang

Marble Hearts at penangpac - tickets available Marble Hearts is a new play based on Shakespeare's King Lear, but told from the perspective of his daughters Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Written in modern English, it is the curtain-raiser for the Shakespeare 400 Festival. Date: 31 January (Sunday) Time: 3:00pm Genre: Drama Contact us 04 281 6559 info@spca-penang.net for tickets - RM40/each, but we do have a few early bird tickets for RM30 that must be purchased by January 15, 2016.

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Gallantry Medal For Diesel, The Police Dog Killed After Paris Attacks
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Selangor

http://www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/gallantry -medal-for-diesel-the-police-dog-killed-after-pari s-attacks?&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-m edia&utm_campaign=addtoany

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Selangor

CAN YOU HELP FOSTER SOME ABANDONED PUPPIES? We have 4 litters of abandoned pups without their mums. They would be safer in a home environment away from other shelter animals, they are too young to be vaccinated for now and are at high-risk of contracting contagious diseases from other animals surrendered. Litter #1 - 8 pups (4 weeks old) Litter #2 - 4 pups (6 weeks old) Litter #3 - 4 pups (6 weeks old) Litter #4 - 9 pups (7 weeks old) SPCA Selangor will provide food, vaccinations and any medi...

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Timeline Photos
31st Dec 2015, by SPCA Singapore

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS IN 2015. To our generous donors, volunteers and all of the wonderful people who came by our shelter to adopt an animal from us. From the bottom of our hearts, 'THANK YOU' for finding a place in your home and in your heart to accept one of our adoptables into your lives. Us and, of course, the animals at the SPCA are sending all of you a big warm hug. Let us take a look back on some of the animals who were adopted from the SPCA with a giant colla...

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Flagstaff Police Department
31st Dec 2015, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

POLICE RESCUE SKUNK IN DISTRESS Real heroes come to the aid of anyone in distress.Thanks for doing the right thing guys. https://www.facebook.com/FlagstaffPoliceDepartme nt/videos/950445491665641/?theater

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31st Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

MINE IS THE FACE OF SUFFERING They call me Chai Klarng. My appearance alone shows the suffering I’ve endured since being born on the streets just four months ago. My life until now has been nothing but pain. This is the life of a street dog with nobody caring for him. A severe case of mange has taken its toll on my frail body. My fur is falling out in handfuls and my skin is red raw from allergies. Itchy red sores cover my body. I had been sick for a long time when I was found by a kind lady...

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31st Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

Join the Care for Cats Club today and your membership will enable us to feed the hungry, treat the sick, spay and neuter, and provide a safe place for those who have been mistreated. Please click on the photo of Chondy to watch a short film about the Care for Cats Club and to learn more.

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30th Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

I AM UNLIKELY TO BE ADOPTED. WILL YOU PLEASE SPONSOR MY ONGOING CARE? I am Aylin, a 5 year old girl who has been resident at the shelter for over a year now. I arrived with a very nasty wound around my tail and my bum. It was severely infected and full of maggots. I was in terrible pain. My severe injuries meant my tail had to be amputated and I am also fecally incontinent, which means I require frequent cleaning. Despite all this, I am no longer in any pain and I am a happy lady who enjoys h...

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ACRES ACIU: 'Animals, Through A Child's Eyes'
30th Dec 2015, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

LAST WEEK TO HELP OUR CRIME TEAM CONTINUE THEIR WORK! The ACRES Animal Crime Investigation Unit (ACIU) was launched to fight animal cruelty and wildlife crime head-on. In its first year, it has already been at the forefront of tackling the illegal exotic pet trade, the tiger parts trade, and making sure that pet shops and farms are meeting basic animal welfare standards. Finally, ending off the year with the recent findings about our illegal online wildlife trade. Together, we can make 2016 a...

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Calming Your Pets During Fireworks
30th Dec 2015, by PetFinder.my

Calming Your Pets During Fireworks New year is just around the corner! While we humans celebrate with breathtaking fireworks, a lot of pets would be shivering with fear amidst the loud crackles. Here are some simple steps to calm your pets. Step 1: Remove your pet from hoopla Bring your pet inside and close all the doors, windows, and curtains to help muffle the sounds. Turn on the television or radio as well to help drown out the noise. Step 2: Be a calming presence Stay with your pet whene...

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30th Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

I WAS DUMPED OUTSIDE THE SOI DOG SHELTER... Will you please ADOPT me? Please EMAIL all questions or enquiries to teresa@soidog.org I am only a year old, but I have already experienced so much heart ache. My name is Bai Morn and I was dumped outside the shelter with some other cats. I guess our owner no longer wanted us. I can’t understand why, as I have so much love to give. The cats who came to the shelter with me have been adopted. I am so happy for them but I wonder why I’ve been lef...

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30th Dec 2015, by Soi Dog Foundation

When Baylin arrived at our shelter, his appearance was testament to a lifetime of neglect on the streets. He was suffering with horrendous skin problems and struggling to use one of his legs. Thanks to the members of our Emergency Response Team – people just like YOU - Baylin received the treatment he desperately needed. In addition to the mange that was ravaging his body, this poor boy had sustained a fracture at some point, most likely from being hit by someone. The injury had never been...

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