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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - Year 2019

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Book Your Star Now On The Walk Of Love, Ensuring Homeless Animals Always Have A Safe Haven!
13th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Want to show your love for the very special human or animal in your life? Have their name engraved on a special star at the Soi Dog shelter! >>> https://bit.ly/Show_Your_Love_For_Them We urgently need to help more vulnerable animals like Ozzie by funding the expansion of the Soi Dog shelter. This poor boy was dumped in a lonely forest when his owner no longer wanted him. He is over 11 years old and blind. The Soi Dog shelter is permanently operating at full capacity and must expand to ensure w...

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Little But Fierce
12th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

This sweet tiny pup loves to race around on his wheels!

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

HILFE für DEUTSCHE RETTER Liebe Tierfreunde da draussen, Ich plane, nach fast 10 Jahren aktivem Tierschutz in der Türkei, bei dem ich echt alles gab, aus gesundheitlichen Gründen demnächst zurück nach Deutschland zu kehren. Es wird sehr schwer für mich, da ich nochmal komplett von null anfangen muss. Ich wollte dies schon vor Jahren tun, allerdings gelang es mir erst jetzt nach unendlich langer Suche und mehreren Enttäuschungen, zuverlässige Nachfolger für meine Person in der Türkei...

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Vincent, Zurik And Buddy’s Stories
12th Feb 2019, by AnimalCare

This is Vincent’s new nest for the mornings and evenings. He loves hiding in here. But when it is hot in the afternoons, he goes back upstairs to our bedroom at this “other” nest. Because Buddy snatches Zurik’s food all the time, today we started a new meal protocol at the porch. Zurik will eat inside Stargate2 while Buddy eats outside. There’s no choice because Buddy eats too fast and then, literally and physically snatches Zurik’s food. Zurik is too much o...

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by SPCA Sarawak

💉💉💉 Dapatkan suntikan vaksin anti-Rabies PERCUMA untuk anjing tersayang anda 🐶🐶🐶 **UNTUK ANJING yang berumur 3 bulan & keatas sahaja dan tolong bawa Tuan punya Kad Pengenalan dan juga muncung (muzzle) untuk anjing** - Tarikh: 17 Februari 2019 (Ahad) - Masa: 9 pagi - 4 petang - Tempat: Miri Indoor Stadium (GoogleMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/TCCC6uzEZr22)

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by SPCA Singapore

ROCCA OUR WORLD We are always happy to receive updates from pet owners who adopted their pets from us. An adopter recently got in touch with us to share about a dog, Rocca, which she adopted from our shelter last year. Despite the initial challenges with training Rocca, the family did not give up. As a result of the family’s dedication, Rocca is now a well-behaved and most-loved member of the family. It is heartening to learn that Rocca’s fur-ever family put in the time and effort require...

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Free Malaysia Today
12th Feb 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Thank you to the wildlife officers, Malaysian customs officers and Sabah police on the record seizure of 30 tonnes of pangolins and their scales worth RM8.16 million. 👏💪👍 Wildlife crime is run by dangerous international syndicates similar to illegal drug smuggling. Wildlife crime threatens national security and the future of many of our threatened species.

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Photos From WWF-Malaysia's Post
12th Feb 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Rivers are a valuable resource for food and income for communities, like the riverbank community in Sukau, Kinabatangan. Sabah. 🌏 They are also a precious home to countless species. However, climate change and human activity is impacting our precious rivers and surrounding wildlife. Click ❤️ if you'll join us on #EarthHour to keep our rivers flowing and change climate change. Join our Earth Hour events in Penang and Kedah on 30 March 2019; or share your Earth Hour event. https://bit.ly/...

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

Clark Kent For Adoption — Shah Alam https://PetFinder.my/pets/92277 This quiet, obedient and friendly boy was abandoned at a rubbish dump site in Putra Heights. Give this Superboy a loving home, and he will certainly save your world!

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by WWF Malaysia

What can your city council do to limit global warming to 1.5°C? Urge your local government to join WWF’s One Planet City Challenge and work for a climate-safe future. As cities join, we compare their emissions to the trajectory needed to deliver on the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 1.5 °C. But we don’t stop there. We further guide your municipality to big-win impact reductions, to close that gap and advise on the most effective adaptation actions to protect its people and ...

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National Geographic
12th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

Mountain lion kittens stay with their mothers learning important survival skills until they're 18 months old.

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia welcomes Sophia Lim as its new Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She takes on the leadership as the organisation continues to strive for greater conservation impact. “As a nature lover myself, WWF-Malaysia’s conservation work has always inspired me to rethink the value of nature and how nature matters to us. It is, therefore, a great privilege to join WWF-Malaysia and I look forward to work alongside its dedicated talents, incredible partners and loyal suppor...

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by SPCA Selangor

We wish all animal lovers and our supporters a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! To donate to our furry friends, please click on the link below! bit.ly/DonateSPCASelangor

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by SPCA Selangor

CNY CAT ADOPTION PROMO! Promo begins from February 1st - 28th! Come by the Cattery and bring a furry friend home this lunar new year!

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
12th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Do you remember this little girl? We recently introduced you to Armino in a short Facebook Live broadcast. She’s just a few weeks old and arrived at the Soi Dog shelter after being found all alone near a naval base, with a terrible wound on her back. Will you please donate now at https://bit.ly/Saving_Armino so that countless homeless animals like her can get the help they need? Armino was found by a kind naval officer, late at night. This compassionate man took Armino to his dormitory, where...

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Updates On 12th Feb 2019
12th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Are you booked to fly FROM Thailand to Canada, the U.S. or Europe? Find out if you can help an adopted animal get home! Please EMAIL flightvolunteer@soidog.org We have a number of rescued animals that have been adopted and are waiting to get to their forever homes. Can YOU help us get them there by being a FLIGHT VOLUNTEER? We organise everything and there is NO COST to you. Previous flight volunteers have described it as the most rewarding experience of their lives! If you are travelling FR...

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Photos From Harmony Fund - Animal Rescue Charity's Post
12th Feb 2019, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

TODAY IN TURKEY... Every day we feed more than 500 street animals in Avsallar, Turkey. Today, our project manager Manuela Wroblewski is elsewhere in the country, recovering from urgent leg surgery. She's supposed to take short walks 3 times a day as part of her recovery, and she, of course, is using that time to feed homeless animals. Here are just a few of the souls she shared food with today. Many of you know that land has been procured and we are slowly raising funds to create a sanctuar...

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Crazy Creatures
11th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

Is this how you talk to your dog? 😁

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Vincent And Ginger Created “magic” In The Air
11th Feb 2019, by AnimalCare

Our niece and family visited us last night. Here are some photos: The moment they entered through the door, our feline (the 3 little lions) welcoming committee was on hand to greet them! This is unprecedented and has NEVER happened before. Ever. And you know why? Because there was a little animal lover in the midst! Normally, Tabs, Heidi and Ginger will run away and hide when strangers come to our house. Only Vincent will play host (unless it’s a person who does not like animals, then eve...

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Soi Cat Patangee Is The Ideal Trainable Kitty
11th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Meet Soi kitty Patangee. He is one of the most fun loving rescue kitties here at the shelter who is looking for his #fureverfamily. He even has travel donations to help him get home to YOU! If you ever thought of training a cat to do tricks, jump through hoops and be the most well behaved cat there ever was, Patangee has the most potential. Patangee enjoys life by making the most of his time at the shelter by playing with his toys, his buddies and more than anything looking out for human affect...

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