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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - January 2019

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The Dodo
17th Jan 2019, by PetFinder.my

This rescue squirrel loves to play with her toys — just like a dog!

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We Have These And We're Looking For Ideas For An I..
17th Jan 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

We have these and we're looking for ideas for an interactive science exhibit/activity for our Turtle Gallery in Kemaman. We're thinking of something educational, something the kids can touch, play and learn. We could: - label the bones - put them out for kids to assemble - prepare a guide for them to assemble - what else? Any other ideas are welcome!

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
17th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

In 2016, Socool arrived at the Soi Dog shelter. He was found in an empty house after his owner defaulted on mortgage payments and skipped town. Will you please go to https://bit.ly/Caring_for_Cats and join the Care for Cats Club to help vulnerable cats like Socool? Socool has been at our shelter ever since. His traumatic experience left him stressed and shut-down. For a long time, nobody could touch him, nor would he even mix with other cats. This beautiful boy had been left all alone in the wo...

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Is Your Dog The World's Most Amazing Dog?
17th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Do you have an amazing dog? Submit an audition video of your dog at World's Most Amazing Dog for a chance to win $100,000 USD - and for every audition, Facebook will donate to to help animals in need! There are 3 ways you can submit your audition video: 1. On your mobile device Go to World's Most Amazing Dog, click on Audition Now and follow the instructions 2. On mobile or desktop Post a video of your dog on Facebook with the tag #MostAmazingDog. Check your notifications to complete the au...

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The Barking Army
16th Jan 2019, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN A PET MEMORIAL? ______________________________________________ H armony Fund is developing a unifying online place of peace for people who are grieving the loss of their pet. The idea is to pay tribute to the animal you love and to also offer a way to help other animals in need in your pet's name so that they can go on doing good work in this world. It's a little early to share the specific details, but we would love to hear from all of you. What kinds of ...

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
16th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

My owner abandoned me in a locked house when he moved. My name is Pichai and the trauma of that experience still haunts me. Will you please sponsor me? >>> https://bit.ly/Sponsor_Pichai I am not very good with other dogs and my horrific past means that I do not trust people I don’t know. I will only allow one person here to walk me and I need a lot of time and patience before I will be ready for a home of my own. Soi Dog Foundation won’t give up on me but I need your help. Sadly, caring ...

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Dogs Will Treat You The Same Way You Treat Them. E..
16th Jan 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

你怎么对狗,狗就怎么对你 问题不在 ,而是你不知道怎么和它们相处 Dogs will treat you the same way you treat them. (Eng version below) 这是吉胆渔村被说会追人的浪浪 ,义工只是和它们相处了一下子,其 两只已经撒娇到不行,而另外一只怕 的,只敢站在远远的地方偷看。 每 都听到有人投诉狗凶、狗咬人、狗追 人,可是每次我们去到现场查看,发 一般上99%它们都是亲人的...

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We Don't Deserve Animals
16th Jan 2019, by PetFinder.my

Animals really know how to make a mess! 😂

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Jom Kita Belajar Sesuatu Yg Baru Hari Ini. Scratch..
16th Jan 2019, by SCRATCH

Jom kita belajar sesuatu yg baru hari ini! SCRATCH menyediakan subsidi pemandulan untuk kucing-kucing jalanan dan juga kucing komuniti. Sila klik link ini untuk carta aliran permohonan subsdi kami; https://www.facebook.com/ktaj0311/photos/a.2086322 59151490/2284426618238700/?type=3&theater .

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Poppy' Suddenly Went Off Her Food And Bloods Revea..
16th Jan 2019, by Dr Rayya's Online Veterinary Journal

'Poppy' suddenly went off her food and bloods revealed an elevated liver enzyme. Our in-house workup couldn't identify the cause, we treated her supportively with intravenous fluids and anti nausea and she's booked in to see a medicine specialist to further investigate the cause of her ailment. Important to realise referral must always be offered to you especially if no definitive diagnosis was established and your pet is still unwell. We are very lucky to have so many amazing specialists to sup...

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Volunteer Recruitment. 19-1-2019 3pm-10pm. 20-1-20..
16th Jan 2019, by SPCA Ipoh

[Volunteer Recruitment] [义工招募] 19-1-2019 3pm-10pm 20-1-2019 10am-5pm 猫咪领养会需要义工的帮忙 有 意者请联络 0165506915 Cat adoption will require the help of volunteers Interested parties please contact 0165506915 Location: Ipoh Old Street 地点:怡保旧街场

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
16th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Age is but a number! My name is Namaru and although I am 9 years old, I am an eternal puppy! I was brought to Soi Dog after enduring horrific cruelty. One day Soi Dog received a call from a man who feeds the stray dogs in his community. This man saved my life. He found me whimpering in agony with a severe open wound on my back. The wound was infected and infested with maggots, causing me immense pain. While no one knows the full story of what happened to me, it was obvious that I had been vici...

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Adoption Appeal Maise The Cross-Pinscher. In Septe..
16th Jan 2019, by SPCA Singapore

ADOPTION APPEAL: MAISE THE CROSS-PINSCHER In September 2018, we received a call from a concerned member of public who found a small-breed dog wandering around a carpark in Ang Mo Kio. It looked to be lost and had an injury on its neck. After an initial medical check at SPCA’s clinic, the vet team saw that his eyes were in a bad condition. They were crusty, cloudy and ulcerated. The vet deduced that his eyesight had deteriorated due to prolonged dry eyes, which had likely gone without treatme...

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Neutering Aid For 2 Cats In Gombak Setia (Nurhuda Bt Jamaluddin’s)
16th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM120 for the neutering of 2 cats. Saya Nurhuda binti Jamaluddin yg tinggal di gombak setia kuala lumpur. Sy adalah feeder di kwsan perumahan saya. Weekend sy feeder di kwsan wangsa maju. Pada hari sabtu 12jan19 saya telah hantar sekor kucing jantan dan sekor kucing betina untuk di mandulkn. Kucing-kucing ini adalah kucing2 trtbiar hasil dr tidak dimandulkn… Maka mereka membiak. Ada beberapa ekor lagi yg akn sy mandulkn secara brperingkat. Moga Dr Cha...

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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Bandar Sungai Long (Chew Ghee Cheeng’s)
16th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat. Sometime last year i mentioned to you that I was trying to neuter a female cat in my carpark in Bandar Sungai Long but the vet was not prepared to do her surgery because she has chronic flu.  In mid Nov 2018, she had her third litter and again none survived.  I decided I had to do something to address the flu.  I wrote a petition to have my neighbours allow me to keep her outside my apartment – on the landing of...

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Neutering Aid For 1 Dog In Pandamaran (Ku Nget Hiong’s)
16th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM90 for the neutering of 1 dog. We thank Ms Jenny Ku for reducing her claim by RM10.  Every little bit helps!

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10yearchallenge. Back In 2009, Penni Was An Acres ..
16th Jan 2019, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

#10YearChallenge Back in 2009, Penni was an ACRES ambassador for speaking up against puppy mills in our children’s educational programmes, encouraging children- and adults- to adopt instead. She is still going strong(ish) at 13 and a half years old, sleeping most of the time now but h ser love for food hasn’t changed! While her walks are significantly shorter, Penni still enjoys being out in the fresh air and sniffing the grass and the wind. #ACRES #AdoptDontShop #SeniorDog #SayNoToPuppy...

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Neutering Aid For 2 Dogs In Mahkota Cheras And Bandar Sg Long (Yeap Saw See’s)
16th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs. The male is from Mahkota Cheras. The female, from Bandar Sg Long.

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Updates On 16th Jan 2019
16th Jan 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Want your kids to learn more about puppies and kittens? :) Our next Puppy & Kitty Pawty will be on 19 Jan 2019 (Sat)! Highlights: • Puppy/ kitten care and handling demo • Play-time with puppies & kittens • Dog Bite Prevention demo • Basic puppy obedience demo & hands-on training • Light snacks and drinks provided! Time: 1:00PM – 3:00PM RM30 per attendee, limited to 20 children per session. BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY E-mail events@spca.org.my (please provide your contact number so our ...

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Meat Is Not Good For The Planet, People, Eat Less ..
16th Jan 2019, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

Avoiding meat is one of the most significant ways to reduce your impact on Earth. "Our planet is actually like a giant meat farm now. Seriously. There’s us people, 7.7 billion of us, and a ton of livestock animals, 70 billion or so, being fattened for our plates. Plus, most of the world’s agricultural land is being used for livestock, for grazing or to grow feed. Wildlife? The numbers just don’t compare. Only 4% of all mammals are in the wild. Consider: there are perhaps 300 tigers left...

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