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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - January 2019

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Animals Australia
14th Jan 2019, by PetFinder.my

Fish play. Fish feel. Fish suffer. 🐟

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Did You Know That One Of The World’s Rarest Dog Br..
14th Jan 2019, by SPCA Sarawak

Be proud of your 'Kampung Dog' - one of the rarest canine species in the world. https://cilisos.my/woof-woof-did-you-know-that-m alaysia-has-its-own-breed-of-dogs/

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Is This Your Dog? He's Been Waiting For You At The..
14th Jan 2019, by SPCA Penang

Is this your dog? He's been waiting for you at the bus stop at IK in USM. We are trying to get the tag details but in the meantime, if this is your dog, please collect him.

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Vincent’s Early Morning
14th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

I start a new semester today, so I got up at 4.00am. Actually, Vincent woke me up by jumping onto the bed. Since Vincent has started being choosy with food, I decided to steam some sardines for him. He has not eaten sardines for quite sometime now. Of course Ginger, Heidi and Tabs were delighted too and ate. Vincent came downstairs, went out the the patio to do his business and went back upstairs. I know he normally doesn’t eat so early in the morning. But since the sardines were freshly s...

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14th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Every dog deserves a loving home. Moldova has been patiently waiting to find his for over 3 years. Could you provide him with the love and care he so desires? Please enquire about him by clicking here: https://www.soidog.org/adopt/moldova-101

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
14th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Someone stabbed this beautiful boy we have named Robinson. Can you believe such horror? His suffering has been immense. Please join the compassionate animal lovers who are funding life-saving medical treatment for defenceless animals like him. Go to https://bit.ly/Saving_Robinson to donate now! Robinson was in a world of pain when found lying in the street, with a wound on his side that was bleeding profusely. The stab wound had penetrated so deeply that he was unable to walk with the pain. Do...

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Starving Puppy Found In Backyard Grows Up Into The..
13th Jan 2019, by PetFinder.my

When this puppy ran into a family's backyard, she was so malnourished that her tummy was bloated like a pumpkin — so her parents named her Pumpkin! She started devouring her food and wrestling with her big sister, and soon became the feistiest little pocket pittie ever.

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Just Yoga Join This Charity Yoga Event Eng Version..
13th Jan 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

边做瑜伽、边帮浪浪 ❤🐶🐱 喜欢瑜伽的朋友一定会喜欢Ju st Yoga举办的慈善瑜伽课 🙋 Join this Charity Yoga event (Eng version below) Just Yoga (志在瑜伽) TTC 11从今年1月~7月,每逢星期五、六、日 ,在新山彩虹花园(Taman Pelangi) 正式开始举办慈善瑜伽课。 活动只收 取RM5的费用,所有款项将捐助HOPE希望 生园帮忙毛孩们,非常感激他们的爱 心🙏🙏 (课程时间表欢迎查询面书 Just Yoga - C...

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Timeline Photos
13th Jan 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Hanako, our playful kitten has got adopted today! She has finally found that special family to play with her for the rest of her life! We truly appreciate all who have adopted from us as we have seen animals who came from sad backgrounds to getting adopted into a loving home. We have seen how their characters have blossomed and slowly learnt to trust humans. As they head out of the SPCA entrance, deep inside, we know that they are embarking on a new chapter of their lives and its full of HAPPIN...

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Millie' Is Generally A Fit Active Geriatric Border..
13th Jan 2019, by Dr Rayya's Online Veterinary Journal

'Millie' is generally a fit active geriatric border collie. She's been lame on one of her front legs. She was an absolute legend during her exam and we isolated pain to her right elbow. She's on pain relief and if she's not improving, she needs to get x-rays done. 😁😁😁 #geriatriccanine #caninelameness #vetcheck #bordercollie

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Updates On 13th Jan 2019
13th Jan 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Are you booked to fly FROM Thailand to Canada, the U.S. or Europe? Find out if you can help an adopted animal get home! Please EMAIL flightvolunteer@soidog.org We have a number of rescued animals that have been adopted and are waiting to get to their forever homes. Can YOU help us get them there by being a FLIGHT VOLUNTEER? We organise everything and there is NO COST to you. Previous flight volunteers have described it as the most rewarding experience of their lives! If you are travelling FR...

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Our Utmost Appreciation And Thank You To All Month..
13th Jan 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

毛小孩不会说谢谢,但我们代替它们 。 真心感谢大家善心护持,园区毛孩 才能吃饱住暖。谢谢一路有你 🙏🙋❤ Our utmost appreciation and thank you to all monthly sponsors, donors, adopters and all listed below❤ ~ 感激所有的每月助养人、捐款人、领 人 ~ 感激KotaTinggi开心放生团每月捐助50包 粮 ~ 感激善心人士释嘉勇每月狗糧捐助 - 11月份40包狗粮, 12月份58包狗粮,大感恩 ~ 感激Teh Woo Wee...

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Updates On 13th Jan 2019
13th Jan 2019, by SPCA Selangor

LOST DOG! Please contact the owner if you have seen this dog and please do SHARE! Thank you!

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2 Male Puppies Up For Adoption. Interested Adopter..
13th Jan 2019, by MDDB & MCCP Penang

2 male puppies up for adoption. Interested adopters to please contact 012-5523447 for more info. Thank you.

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Gabby For Adoption Johor Bahru. This Beautiful, Sl..
13th Jan 2019, by PetFinder.my

Gabby For Adoption — Johor Bahru https://PetFinder.my/pets/82569 This beautiful, sleek girl loves to quietly sit and observe the rescuer do gardening. Enjoys long walks, tummy rubs and your affection. A gentle, obedient soul that gets along perfectly with kids, and does not disturb you even if you are having delicious BBQ right in front of her! Adopt Gabby the perfect buddy!

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Vincent’s Updates
13th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

Some quick updates, Vincent is okay except that he is a bit choosy over food….again.  For a long time, he has been okay with food. Now, he has started being choosy again.  See what I mean? He flits from one type of food to the next, asks for another type, and another, then flits back to the first type (which is always Cubgrub), and it goes on, but finally, he eats a fair amount of food for each meal, so that is fine. As for this meds, actually, the only medicine is Forteko...

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Timeline Photos
13th Jan 2019, by PAWS

Caesar (D99), who was featured in The Star newspaper a few months back, has been adopted! Always the first to greet visitors at our dog section, his loving charm is something everyone of us here will miss dearly. We love you too, Caesar! We wish you nothing but happiness in your new forever home. . . . #paws #pawspj #animals #animal #adoption #petrescue #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #nonprofitorganization #dog #cat #shelterdogs #shelterdog #sheltercat #sheltercats #pet

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Meat Is Not Good For The Planet, People, Eat Less Of It | Star2.com
13th Jan 2019, by SPCA Selangor

PLEASE MAKE THIS A TOP PRIORITY IN YOUR 2019 NY RESOLUTION 🙏🙏🙏 Human Writes: In 2019, be kind to the planet, make a pledge to eat less meat.

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Timeline Photos
13th Jan 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Nothing can beat the sparkling hazel eyes of a dog. His name is Aiko! He is fun, energetic and is always excited to see you! To sponsor Aiko RM90 per month, please email to enquiries@spca.org.my. Ps. He is also up for adoption! #youmustlovedogs

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Indy’s Story Of The Purple Bed
13th Jan 2019, by AnimalCare

If you remember, Cow and Bunny came into the room and pee-ed on these two cat beds (which used to be Pole’s favourites). I washed them many times, but a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times that of a human’s, so of course I could not get rid of the smell totally. Pole stopped sleeping on the beds.  I took out the cushions and washed from repeatedly hoping to reduce the smell. But the bed itself was harder to wash. The other day, Pole found a use for the purple bed. She started...

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